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Why i chant against the SCAF

 Down, down, military rule .. Down, down, military rule .. Down, down, military rule 
" People want the execution of Marshal Tantawy " , " LEAVE " , " GO BACK TO YOUR CAMPS "
Now in Egypt , you can hear these chants during any protest ,march and strikes after 9 months since the outbreak of the Egyptian revolution .. the question here is Why we chant against them after we used to chant " People and the Army are One hand " ? 
Actually i 'll Will quote from the words of Michael Mounir - blogger and activist - who's Serving 5 years in military prison because of his blog in which he stated " The People and the Army weren't one hand ever ! " and after several months from his detention i totally agree every single word he told back there.

I am doing that so as to prevent the hypocrites from falsification of the history in the newspapers and in Our stinky media  ..

I 'll tell my own reasons -which you can find it easily online- that lead me to chant against the killing machine -scaf- and why i want them down !


1.Complete loyalty to Mubarak and his regime for decades in addition to being his own protection and being an integral part of his corrupt and traitor regime.

2.Neglecting the conditions of the poor Egyptian military recruiters, taking part in their humiliation even they sent them off to MOI -ministry of internal- [Egyptian Police] to be used as central security forces -Riot F.- which are the first freedom suppression tool to defend that corrupt regime.

3.Threat the demonstrators in Tahrir square by F-16 air fighters - 30/01/2011 - in order to force the protesters to leave the square but at this moment the protesters chanted " Hosny gone mad , Hosny gone mad " and insisted to complete their revolution chanting " He leave , we are not leaving ".

4.The Camel battle Or the Bloody Wednesday 02/02/2011 : Army officers and soldiers gave up their mission which was securing the square and the protesters against thugs came on their camels and horses in order to evacuate the square in addition to the snipers encircling the square were attacking the protesters all night long but the army men were JUST WATCHING ! till next day around 02:00 pm, but the most important here is that there is No investigation of any suspected collusion by the army which pave the way for the thugs -ex state security men + the ruling party thugs- and the snipers to kill and injure hundreds of protesters that day.

5.Preventing the Rebels from Entering the state TV building -Maspero- and defending it by their blood ! despite the lies they were telling the people everyday since the 25th of january till now which had the great role in killing the protesters away from the world eyes !

6.Brutal torturing for the Rebels after disengagements of Tahrir square sit-ins many times and in many occasions ,Not that Only ! They conducted VIRGINITY tests by the untrained soldiers for the girls they caught during one of their brutal campaigns -09/03/2011- in the Egyptian museum and till now no real investigations started about these violations and yet now the SCAF generals are denying these violations but after that one of them said that those girls were protesting with Male protesters ! 

7.Referral of civilians to the military courts which is one of the Great Curses on the revolution which have been Condemned by numerous human rights organizations lately while it's victims exceeded more than 12,000 civilian ! the seriousness of these trials that the military court doesn't show justice and equality in the right of defense and don't give the suspect the right to defend himself , the SCAF generals said that they are using the military trials against Thugs and Violence makers -in the name of emergency law - but even those have the right to defend themselves in front of their normal judge , Again the Generals were lying about that as many political activists were submitted to these courts because of their opinions on their blogs or even their Facebook or Twitter accounts ! ,Asmaa Mahfouz paid 20,000 LE. as a penalty for a tweet she posted attacking SCAF members, On the other hand they used these courts to cover up the corruption of the Generals themselves and they issued a law makes it impossible to trial the ex and the in charge officers in the cases of corruption in front of the civilian judiciary and Only the military courts can deal with it by modifying the law no. 25 of 1966 of the military judiciary ! .
i just will ask a simple Question !
WHY ARE YOU AFRAID as long as you claim that you are IMPARTIAL ?

8.Fraud on the nature of all revolutions by fooling the people and not to start production of a new constitution ensures sound future for the people and the revolution, despite many Organizations advised to write the Constitution as a first real Victory of the revolution as the Tunisian Rebels DID ! by electing the Constituent Assembly to write a constitution not the Parliament as they -SCAF- want in order to reproduce the old regime through the corrupt parliament and to Drop the revolutionary legitimacy of Tahrir square.

9.The comic "show" -POLL- held by the SCAF to Disperse people from their union after the revolution by leading disinformation campaigns in the state media about the importance of the people's approval to stabilize the country and all these bullshit , SCAF used the Islamic movements and parties - specially Muslim Brotherhood by setting Mr.Sobhy Saleh in the committee Involved in the provision amendments - for the mobilization of the majority of people against the Secular movements letting them run Fierce campaigns and transforming the contest to a religious nature ! which has nothing to do with the materials proposed for the amendment, Furthermore they DID harm the state treasury more than 200,000,000 LE in this critical time and did waste the public money.

10.Again the Military-Islamic cooperation shine clearly when the SCAF ordered the release of the ex-Intelligence military officer Sheik\Abood El-Zomor to ensure the mobilization of the Islamic forces against the Revolutionary secular forces in the battle of the " COMIC POLL " resulting in 77% voted YES and 23% voted NO .. after these results the SCAF became literally not the organization which run the country during this critical time ,the became GODS with the infinite powers they gained from the POLL , again ! they distracted the people from the main purpose and turned it into a religious Battle, One of the COMIC comments ever was by the Islamic figure Sheik\ Mahmoud Hassan when he said in the Mosque with his students that he just received good news with YES as a result of the poll , smiled and said " The Boxes said yes to the religion and we won the Boxes battle "

11.And now the GRAND PRIX ! : SCAF Fooled us all ! they fooled the islamic currents, secular movements, and even the regular citizen who has no political tendencies ! HOW ?
Provocatively they didn't give a shit to the poll results when they discovered that if they continued working with the Constitution of 71+ the modified articles their existence in power will be unconstitutional and the only way in front of them is to step down and leave the power to the president of cessation court according to the article 84" ... SO they did manipulate the results and the numbers of the articles to put them all in a new constitutional declaration + 50 COPIED articles from Mubarak's constitution - which we revolted against - so the latest Constitutional declaration lifted the SCAF Generals to the status of GODS !

12.Maintaining  Mr.Abd El-Mged Mahmoud in his position as a general prosecutor despite his shameful history in hypocrite people in power - taking his down was an essential demand -

13.No steps for the retrieval of the stolen Egyptian money although all the experts agreed on that this mission needs a political decision  and have nothing to do with the international treaties and protocols.

14.The SCAF generals always claim that their legitimacy came by the revolution but the fact is NOT ! as they gained it from the unconstitutional Mubarak's step down statement [delivered by General Omar Soliman - the vice president that time - ] As he tranfered the power to them challenging the constitution.

15.The 8 April Officers : The brutal attack on Tahrir square 08/04/2011 and detention the Revolutionary army officers who wanted to remove the cover off the massive corrupt inside the military foundation, they were protesting in Tahrir square with normal civilians .. These attacks ended with TWO civilians killed following injuries with live ammunition & as usual the SCAF denies this night we started to chant " People want execution Of Marshal Tantawy " !

16.The bullshit called " political parties regulation law " which corrected later but by a STUPID way -after pressure from the political powers- by add the Cost of announcing the parties to the state treasury ! .. OMG the normal citizen is paying a lot these days !

17.The arguments about the right of the Egyptians abroad to Vote !

18.The continuous disregard from SCAF Generals Mamdoh Shahin & Hassan El-Rowainy to the revolution and the Rebels on the Media ! and misleading the people who trusted them in order to turn the silent majority over the rebels in the name of stabilization and the PRODUCTION WHEEL !

19.Maintaining the STATE SECURITY police department personnel with slight change in the name [NATIONAL SECURITY] and positions with the same powers and their Repressive practices.

20.Using state TV and newspapers to cover all the repressive practices by the SCAF generals.

21.The Military State : The continuing attempts to plant military personnel in every section of this country as the new Governors movements ! 80% of them are ex-military Generals.

The SCAF and the Islamic movements did conspire against the most important and
necessary demand of the revolution "The Constitution 1st." because the they felt it's riskiness on them as it would threw them out of the power and for the Islamists it would make them loose their backbone on the political arena ! >>> HOW
The scheme began with the "Ballon Theater" clashes - Riot forces violently beat the families of the martyrs which transferred the clashes to Tahrir square where the Rebels dealt with the Riot forces and forced them to leave the square -, Pro-SCAF, Pro-Iknwan Media in order to make some sort of distraction from the real purpose behind the 8 July Protest ! and they succeeded in their purpose furthermore they transferred our sight to the bullshit called Over-Constitutional articles which mean nothing , Don't let us forget the role of the Chef of the State Council who used the media to convince the people with the kindness of the SCAF ! 
Simply this how the Conspirator did succeeded in changing the purpose of the protest to "Revenge to the martyrs" which ended with the Comic show Called "The trial of the century" - Mubarak's trial.
23.Covering up the sins of the judges and Aborting all the attempts looking forward to the judicatory independence ! as i explained before in " How to protect our Revolution ? - LAW "

24.ABBASYA battle 23th of July 2011 : During the 8 July sit-in in Tahrir square there was a peaceful march heading to the SCAF headquarters but the military police and their thugs trapped the demonstrators before they make it to the SCAF headquarters then they started beating them hardly as they caught a pig ! which ended with hundreds of injured people and one martyr " Mohamed Mohsen " -may he rest in peace- who came all the way from Aswan his hometown to join his fellow rebels in Tahrir sit-in and the march against the injustice and  the oppression.
25.Assault to the peacefully protesting citizens and the families of the martyrs in the first night of Ramadan in Tahrir square after many political parties who decided to suspend their sit-in which made the SCAF job easy and made the few men in the square up for SCAF grabs.

26.Neglecting the right of the 5 Dead soldiers on the Egyptian-Israeli borders by Israeli gun shots with no powerful political reply from the SCAF ! who supposed to be our protector on the borders ! just the same way Mubarak used to deal with these issues. 

27.Another Conspiracy : 09/09/2011 SCAF gave up securing the Israeli Embassy here in Cairo and the Giza police station in front of the media and created clashes in order to bring the EMERGENCY LAW to our life again !

28.MASPERO Massacre 09/10/2011 : The army and police committed a horrible massacre against peaceful protesters that day in Maspero, Cairo. Army vehicles ran over protesters. Live ammunition was used. Extensive rounds of tear gas were fired, and showers of beatings from the military police, the central security forces and plainclothes thugs, At least 19 people have been killed, and more than 150 injured. The toll keeps rising, The Army also stormed Al-Hurra and 25 January TV stations, and took them off air. The Egyptian state run TV is inciting the public against the “Coptic protesters” and even called on the citizens to take to the streets to “protect the army”!! SCAF is trying to instigate a sectarian civil war, The protesters were not only Copts. There were Muslims present in the protests too and are talking active part in resisting the police and the army. The unifying chants in downtown Cairo is against the army and field marshal Tantawi. Protesters are chanting: “Muslims and Christians… One hand!” and “Death to the Field Marshal.” 
This is not the end of the list but it's  what my memory helped me with, if these reasons did not convince you to chant with me so TELL  yours !
show some love and spread the word.

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