Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brilliant Grafitti, Brilliant Artist

Photo by me - for more visit Flicker photostream. click here

This Graffiti i found on a wall on the street where the #OccupyCabinet sit-in taking place.
In the photo to the Right you find Samira Ibrahim the Egyptian revolutionary who sued the army and accuses the miliaty of subjecting her to torture and abuse, including a so-called “virginity test,” while in military detention back in March.

Samira Ibrahim, along with 16 other women, were detained during a demonstration on March 9. She was held for four days and during that time, she said, soldiers beat her repeatedly. They subjected her to electric shocks, screamed at her and threatened her. Then, worst of all, they made her strip so a man in a military uniform could check to see if she was a virgin.

In the photo to the left you find Aliaa El-Mahdy a feminist Egyptian activist who is making a bold and potentially dangerous statement, Egyptian university student Aliaa Magda Elmahdy posted a nude picture of herself on her blog, attracting 4.5 million hits.

Away from my own point of view in such a case the difference here about this piece of art -the graffiti- and what makes it very brilliant is that many Egyptians don't really know Who is Samira ? but in a few hours The whole world did know about Aliaa despite the 2 cases are a feminist cases.

If want to compare between the awareness between the two cases just check the video Samira appear in talking about her case views out and check out Aliaa's blog visitors !
Aliaa El-Mahdy 's blog > Nude Revolutionary 
Samira Ibrahim 's Video > Samira and the Army : Egyptian girl Story 

Don't you think that it's stupidity to encounter feminism by feminism ? 
Do you think that Shock treatment would work on a society like the Egyptian society ?
Before you say that this society is backward society, you have to know the historic and social differences between this society and the others you are comparing with.
Freedom is a gift so don't abuse your freedom > Abuse of freedom
I won't judge anyone here, but i think we should LET THE WORLD KNOW.

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