Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brilliant Grafitti, Brilliant Artist

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This Graffiti i found on a wall on the street where the #OccupyCabinet sit-in taking place.
In the photo to the Right you find Samira Ibrahim the Egyptian revolutionary who sued the army and accuses the miliaty of subjecting her to torture and abuse, including a so-called “virginity test,” while in military detention back in March.

Samira Ibrahim, along with 16 other women, were detained during a demonstration on March 9. She was held for four days and during that time, she said, soldiers beat her repeatedly. They subjected her to electric shocks, screamed at her and threatened her. Then, worst of all, they made her strip so a man in a military uniform could check to see if she was a virgin.

In the photo to the left you find Aliaa El-Mahdy a feminist Egyptian activist who is making a bold and potentially dangerous statement, Egyptian university student Aliaa Magda Elmahdy posted a nude picture of herself on her blog, attracting 4.5 million hits.

Away from my own point of view in such a case the difference here about this piece of art -the graffiti- and what makes it very brilliant is that many Egyptians don't really know Who is Samira ? but in a few hours The whole world did know about Aliaa despite the 2 cases are a feminist cases.

If want to compare between the awareness between the two cases just check the video Samira appear in talking about her case views out and check out Aliaa's blog visitors !
Aliaa El-Mahdy 's blog > Nude Revolutionary 
Samira Ibrahim 's Video > Samira and the Army : Egyptian girl Story 

Don't you think that it's stupidity to encounter feminism by feminism ? 
Do you think that Shock treatment would work on a society like the Egyptian society ?
Before you say that this society is backward society, you have to know the historic and social differences between this society and the others you are comparing with.
Freedom is a gift so don't abuse your freedom > Abuse of freedom
I won't judge anyone here, but i think we should LET THE WORLD KNOW.


حين أسيطر من اليسار 
و يكون كبت الحريات جزاؤه النار
لان الحرية في زمن سيطرة المال اوهام 
و لإن الحب حرية 
مقدرش احب و على  رقبتي سيف المال 
يا هم اسمه الوطن 
كفاح و حب و حرية 
احبك  إزاي و فيكي كلاب 
اتحامى فيكي إزاي
إزاي احمي نفسي من الخضوع 
و عن الحرية كلابك بتشاورلي .. ممنوع 
هحبك فلاح و في ايدي منجل
هحبك عامل رزقي حنضل 
 رغم كل شيء بحبك 
و في حبك لأنه حرية .. مش هقول كفاية

بحبك ,

I work, Pay taxes then they kill me.

It’s not a surprise for me that the word dictatorship is always linked to the word capitalism.
The man’s lifetime under the capitalist ruling regime comes through a certain phases which start with a white dreamy page won’t be clear for a long time because of the dark color of the mud mixed with blood.

During your lifetime you will work hardly to fulfill your needs but they will never fulfilled because you will never take what you really deserve from them, form them it's enough that you still breathing.

You pay them taxes, and using these taxes they will either buy arms to kill you when you speak out your rights or they will continue building their rocky metallic castles to prison your voice calling for social justice in.

When you ask for your rights, they will say " Rights ? What rights ? Aren't you still breathing ? Go continue your slavery and make us richer. "
If you entered a capitalist brain you will hear these words :
By your money i will build armies, not to defend you ! they defend me and my greed
By your money i will use " system dogs " i will start to fabricate illusions and you will believe in it because i owned your minds, killed your revolutionary souls and did enslaved you.
The amazing part here when you start speaking my mind ! For an example : when you say " production wheel " and we have to push it ,The ironic here is that you are my wheel by your slavery not by body but also by mind and this is the most important slavery for me.
Once you think of disturbing the illusions i created in the name of your bloody struggle i will kill you ! you hear me i will kill you using the billions i earned from your blood and sweat over years, by live ammunition, even i may bomb you !, .. Yes calm down because i will fabricate another illusion here !, let's give you elections just to feel like you have any power but in the fact you have nothing, That's great you know why ? because i will kill you in much cooler blood and you will remain silent.
I will remain in power until you expiate with illusions i created for you through my dogs my media, I will remain in power and you will never smell the breeze of freedom till i allow to to take some, i will remain in power until you unite and revolt.
 letter by a billionaire.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creativity square #Tahrir

Tahrir square - Egypt, This place since the first tahrir sit-in back in January 28th 2011 till the 11th of February 2011 was the symbol of creativity and inspiration for Egyptian people because the atmosphere of the revolution and for the first time since long time ago Egyptian people feel their ability to change and surprise the whole world.
The very special Egyptian revolution made the people creative or we can say that it removed the cover from the creativity which oppressed over years.

I will show you how can a simple Egyptian make Gold from dust, This young man Ahmed 27 years old used the plastic dishes to create a plastic pyramid with a sign or a message on every rock " plastic dish " on it.

May be it's too simple and many can see that it's normal and nothing is actually special about it, but this man with simple education and social level is aware of what's going on around him and it appears clearly from the messages he wrote himself and wanted them to appear in an artistic way.


we will never forget our martyrs.

The revolution continues
No Politics as soon as there is blood

photos by me.
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New Photos from Tahrir square 29-11-2011

اسود 25 يناير فناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - Tahrirفناني الثورة - كلمة المشير Revolutionary Artists - TahrirPharmacy in Tahrir صيدلية من ميدان التحرير فناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - Tahrirفناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - Tahrirفناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - Tahrir
فناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - Tahrirفناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - Tahrirفناني الثورة -  Revolutionary Artists - TahrirSquare legitimacy  Graffiti - Next President Graffiti - Maspero
Violinist in Tahrir squareGraffiti#NoScafeGraffitiGraffitiGraffiti
Graffiti, signs, art, messages.
 Photos : Taken and edited by me.

CKUT Voices from Egypt - with Dr. Sabry Khaled re: Tahrir field hospitals & 2nd Revolution

CKUT Voices from Egypt - with Dr. Sabry Khaled re: Tahrir field hospitals & 2nd Revolution by Lillian Boctor
This interview was broadcast on 29 November 2011 on CKUT 90.3 Montreal radio on The Tuesday Morning After program.
"As voting in the first post-Mubarak Egyptian Parliamentary elections carries on into the second day, the second wave of the Revolution continues in Tahrir Square and throughout Egypt. After a demonstration on Friday, 18 November 2011, calling for an end to military rule, about 200 people, mainly family members of martyrs who died in the January 25 uprisings and people who were previously injured, staged a sit-in at Tahrir Square. Central Security Forces and Egyptian military police violently dismantled the sit-in, and since then, thousands have come together to reoccupy Tahrir Square. The police and military continued to attack protesters throughout the week, in Tahrir and throughout Egypt, with live bullets, extremely potent tear gas and invisible gas, bird-shot, rubber bullets and other ammunition.

During last week’s protests and the ensuing violence by security forces and military police, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s interim government resigned. The ruling military council appointed 78-year-old Kamal El-Ganzouri as Prime Minister, a move strongly opposed by various political parties, revolutionary coalitions and protesters throughout the country, who are calling for a national salvation government that would include presidential candidates Mohamed ElBaradei, Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and Hamdeen Sabahy.

Attacks on protesters by Central Security Forces and military police killed over 50 people and wounded thousands throughout Egypt. The protesters continue their occupation of Tahrir Square and cities and towns throughout the country demanding that the ruling military council, or SCAF, steps down. In Cairo, protesters are also blocking the Cabinet building, to prevent SCAF-appointed Prime Minister El-Ganzoury from entering."
 By : Lillian Boctor

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am i right ?

I came from a place where they say that who is doing two things at the same time is a liar and who is doing three at the same time is hypocrite.
Between the reality, cruelty and severity of life an idea came up to the surface and a voice heard saying "World can be a better place".
Such a big lie that you can make the world a better place through doing what you are supposed to do in your place, because if you did so in our part of the world the world won't be a better place for all people, just you will have some fake pleasure while others will remain suffering, many of us didn't live that life in which they dreamed of a small piece of bread so i don't think that they will feel what the suffering ones feel and may be they will blame them for what they are, unfortunately many of us lost the holly sense of humanity.
In a dictatorship trying to make the world better is considered as sort of illegal activism, even humanity is illegal and sometimes called wrong not responsible actions.
So during that journey danger is a lifetime friend and it varies, may be death, jail, injuries or sometimes it may cost you a whole life and a future.
During that journey you will be surprised by how many people will say "what the hell are you doing?", un fortunately your answer won't be that clear for them, may be they will never get it till they see the difference you can provide on earth, but even more people will remain silent or they will surprise you again saying "AND ?" "WHY you are doing this ?".
You should believe that you are doing a great thing, you have to love it.
But when you reach a certain point when you look around and see what you left from your 1st. life you will start to ask your self the same questions others used to ask you, believe me if your answers were convincing and satisfactory for you so you are on the right way.
None said that you will gain nothing, No you will be a human being and it's rare these days.
In the middle of this journey it's very possible that you will be frustrated, depressed or you may quit, the thing here is whatever the phase you quit in be sure that you did something good.
At a certain stage you may feel that something is missing from your life specially when others keep pushing on you and when you look around to discover that you have two lives one of them gives you the feeling that you are alive and the second is the one you have to live just because you have to and it's the normal for the people around and we are not alone on this planet.
Try to get a life, if you get both you are lucky.
just saying !

Boycott Elections

Dr.Aida Sief El-Dwla explaining why she will boycott election.

In a dictatorship or under a military rule Elections will not make the difference people revolted for. Aida said.

The situation now after 18th of November is totally different from before, before 18th Nov. there was a principle saying that if the people in the streets choose a battle so being with the people in the front lines for support is the duty of the politicians despite their own views about the battle in order to be there if violence occurred and it already happened in Masr El-Gdeda (Ahmed Farag) and Alexandria (Hassan Sabra).
Ahmed Farag who is a candidate in Masr El-Gdeda constituency died after being stabbed. “Aida confirms”

As a comment on scaf General Mamdouh Shahin statement about the inability of the coming parliament to control the government Aida continues saying that she can't deal with his words as his personal thoughts because he is one of the ruling council since Mubarak stepped down and they took their legitimacy from Mubarak not from the people as they claiming all the time.

Reasons why she will boycott elections started with referring to the 12,000 civilians facing military unjust trials who will not vote, 55 Martyr who died because of the lethal tear gas and bullets of the same forces which will supervise the elections and will boycott in solidarity with people facing torture and sexual harassment by the Egyptian police forces inside state prisons,
These people above have the same right to vote just like the people who will vote tomorrow.

Talking about the political forces who will participate in elections, she mentioned that they were weak in front of SCAF and they didn't play the game according to their own rules and they sold the military trials case and the tortured people to the regime for the elections.
"As long as scaf remains in power none will be able to make the decision except them" Aida added.

Wael khalil the Egyptian Activist and blogger still believe in his reformatory theories just like what he said before during the previous debate about the referendum back in march which proved to be wrong by time but now he insist on undergo to the elections which will bring the SCAF down as he's claiming.

Check Ontv's Video out : Click here 

New Video : المطلب بسيط : يسقط حكم العسكر It's simple : Down with the military rule

uploaded by me 
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Video : Chants at #OccupyCabinet

25th of November 2011 - As a rejection of SCAF's announcement of El-Ganzory as a PM protesters from Tahrir square decided to occupy the cabinet st. till he leave.
 uploaded by me.

New Video : A true revolutionary :- Kamal Khalil - chants at #OccupyCabinet


Egyptian engineer and labour activist. He is a leading member of the Revolutionary socialists, a representative of the Workers Democratic Party and the founder and director of the Center for Socialist Studies in Cairo.
He showed last night 26th of November 2011 at #OccupyCabinet and lead the chants against Tantawy, SCAF and the parliament calling for social justice and democracy.
Protesters from tahrir square decided to move a part from the main tahrir sit-in to the cabinet in order to prevent El-Ganzoury from entering the building and as mean of showing SCAF their rejection of announcing him as the new PM.

Photos from #OccypyCabinet 27-11-2011

stickerاشتراكي ثوري - Revolutionary Socialist صامدون قاوم #OccupyMASPEROWANTED
Crowds at #OccupyCabinet ادمان الغاز المسيل - Tear gas addiction Graffiti اشتراكي ثوري - Revolutionary Socialist لا لحكم العسكر - No SCAFFlagged face
National strike - الإضراب العام Graffiti  SCAF - Danger بأمر الثورة متنسوش حقي Allah Akbar - الله اكبر
Graffiti - Atef yehia شارع مذبحة المشير Graffiti - Freedomهتمشي يعني هتمشي You will leave اكمل النقط .. Militarization ? it's not going to happen. لن تحدث عسكرة الدولة

#OccypyCabinet , a set on Flickr.

Protesters from tahrir square decided to move a part from the main tahrir sit-in to the cabinet in order to prevent El-Ganzoury from entering the building and as mean of showing SCAF their rejection of announcing him as the new PM.