Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Video : Chants against #SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood - #Tahrir


A group of protesters in tahrir square 24th of Nov. were chanting against Supreme Council of Armed Forces and their political supporters "Muslim Brotherhood - Ikhwan"
Why against Ikhwan ?
because the Ikhwan is the largest and the most organized political party after the revolution who supposed to stand with completion of revolution as they were one of the most oppressed people under Mubarak regime but they didn't and choose the easier way and became one hand with the scaf trying to attribute the revolution to their names ! and reproducing the old regime.
it was remarkable that tahrir square was Very strong without them and protesters still joining and adding power to the revolution.
chants :
1.Down with the scaf.
2.This is a youth revolution not Ikhwan's revolution.
Muslim brotherhood situation is very questionable these days and their leaders are facing charges of giving up the peaceful protesters while they were under attack by the CSF for 5 continuous days.
Next days we will see how Ikhwan left their people for the sake of elections !
uploaded by me.

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