Saturday, November 26, 2011

Election and military rule

2 sit-ins Tahrir and the cabinet, voices calling for boycotting the elections, other voices calling for going for elections, martyrs every day, this is the situation now.

If we compared the voices conflicting about boycotting elections, we will find that all the political forces except the revolutionary socialists are calling for elections and completion of the sit-ins in order to bring the legitimacy of the SCAF down.

But the questions are : 
" will the parliament after these elections meet the demands of the revolution ? "
Answer : NO.
" Is it worth the effort ? "
Answer : NO.

People all around Egypt will go for elections despite what happened this week because most of the SCAF antagonists see that elections will meet people's demand which is "Down with the SCAF" by bringing a civilian government to achieve the rest of the revolutionary demands.
All the forces calling for going for elections and not to boycott  are very aware of the over constitutional articles "El-selmy Document" SCAF will use to control writing the Constitution and to be the ruler from behind the scenes, and this is the perfect hypocrisy, and they know that the elections won't be able to restore the rights.

All the Bourgeois forces are ready for elections whether the Islamist forces "Ikhwan - Salaf" or the secular forces, and these forces will not be able to reflect the demands of the streets, and obviously they are the voices who are calling for elections.

The problem here that the boycotting doesn't give us a clear alternative for the elections, and till now we have no Revolutionary party can lead this huge campaign.

The only solution i can see now is we have to go for it -elections- despite i prefer boycotting but if we did boycott we will be alone far away from the people in the streets who we have to stick to, and we have to rethink and make the most of the elections by surveillance and making sure that no fraud will happen.

Let's continue our revolution.

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