Sunday, November 20, 2011

#19Nov #Tahrir square battle

Yesterday police Riot forces attacked around 200 peaceful protesters in tahrir square down town Cairo, Police brutality is the same.

Using new tear gas, different types of rubber bullets, police armors and over 1000 police soldier they started to bang the the injured people of the revolution who demand to be treatment and to complete the other revolutionary demands as they were a part of the sit in in tahrir square and other normal protesters with no special political agenda -normal citizens-, arresting many activists, firing a massive amounts of tear gases and rubber bullets directly in the face, targeting eyes, necks and legs.

Around 2 pm yesterday, due to decreased numbers of protesters police forces succeeded in breaking into the square, chasing people, and arresting hundreds.

Thanks to social networks mainly twitter the news were all over the world in less than 10 minutes and all revolutionaries started gathering around tahrir square to support their brothers and sisters against the brutal police officers.

As police entered the square many protesters gained it back using rocks and they took over a police troop transportation car, and set it on fire as a symbolic objection and rejection of the brutality.

It was turned to street wars after that, battles moved from the square to the nearby streets like Mohamed Mahmoud and El-Kasr El-Einy streets.
police forces using their tear gas and many types of rubber and small iron bullets were faced by the protesters with faith using their rocks and Enthusiastic chants.

After 7 hours of street wars protesters were exhausted and messed up so the police condensed their attacks forcing protesters to draw back and empty the square to the near streets.

A group entered Talaat harb st. and the other group escaped to El-Ksr El-Einy st. then to Kasr EL-Nile bridge, to rearrange themselves as the police forces chased protesters till the bridge using the same weapons and even they tried to ran over protesters with the armors more than once on the Kornish st. near Abdel Moniem Riad square.

On field yesterday we all agreed that this brutality is the same police used back in 28th on January on the same place on the same bridge.

it was reported more than 400 injuries yesterday at 7 pm but raised to 800 by the end of the day.
injuries are between suffocation due to tear gases ,minor injuries due to the rubber bullets and many of our friends lost their eyes like the activist and blogger Malek Moustafa and El-Masry El-Youm photographer Ahmed.

protesters gained the square back as the police finished their ammunition and draw back in order to reload. 
numbers of protesters were increased again and took control of the square but it was still raining tear gases and rubber bullets. 

street wars are still going on till this moment i am writing these words.
it is more than 24 hours now.

it was reported from many sources that the are targeting activists to shot and arrest as usual.
As usual state Tv. did it's lies about what happened in the square describing protesters as thugs.
in tahrir square Only one killed with live ammunition his name is "Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed"
Also 2 killed in Alexandria.

i will post videos soon

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