About me

My smile means a lot.
Egyptian Dentist on my way to be a Maxillo-Facial surgeon trying to be the BEST, i believe can and i will be IsA
I can see that tomorrow will be much better despite any up-coming disappointments.

Blogger " it's OBVIOUS i think " : l blog about :- Egypt " i mean everything about it " , Arabs, My self, My own political Views, some social Phenomena, Defending the Poor from a human perspective and sometimes my OWN Philosophy.
They call some of my writings "poetry".

Human rights, Politics, Human nature "psychologically" and Arts are my biggest interests.
Revolutionary Socialist | Internet addict | Amateur photographer | believe in freedom.
I love EGYPT, it's that simple.

I quote sometimes ! and u will find it here > Sabry Saying

I revolted with my friends and we removed MUBARAK regime :)
One Of The Top Ranking Egyptian Troublemakers.

I accept Criticism. (show some respect though).
Walking Question Mark(?)
I lived in a dictatorship ! so i know how freedom is.
show some love and spread the word.