Saturday, November 26, 2011

Photos from #OccypyCabinet 27-11-2011

stickerاشتراكي ثوري - Revolutionary Socialist صامدون قاوم #OccupyMASPEROWANTED
Crowds at #OccupyCabinet ادمان الغاز المسيل - Tear gas addiction Graffiti اشتراكي ثوري - Revolutionary Socialist لا لحكم العسكر - No SCAFFlagged face
National strike - الإضراب العام Graffiti  SCAF - Danger بأمر الثورة متنسوش حقي Allah Akbar - الله اكبر
Graffiti - Atef yehia شارع مذبحة المشير Graffiti - Freedomهتمشي يعني هتمشي You will leave اكمل النقط .. Militarization ? it's not going to happen. لن تحدث عسكرة الدولة

#OccypyCabinet , a set on Flickr.

Protesters from tahrir square decided to move a part from the main tahrir sit-in to the cabinet in order to prevent El-Ganzoury from entering the building and as mean of showing SCAF their rejection of announcing him as the new PM.

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