Sunday, November 20, 2011

Advices about street wars from Egypt

Tahrir square special Forces
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During any peaceful protest around the world now, it's not really that safe to join because as we all know that All Cops Are Bastards, All state televisions around the world are a big fatty liars and All governments are traitors, So if the protest or the March ended peacefully thank your God if you have one.

Most of time Things turns nasty SO ! follow these little steps.

So now you have to listen to the voice of reason, i will tell you exactly what you have to do.

1.Focus on the reason why you are leaving home and hitting the streets :
 It's not preferable to do many things at the same time except you are an Egyptian in order to keep your ass safe and reach the goal of your mission,
 If you going to take photos so focus on you camera and the photography equipment only like extra memory cards, extra batteries, etc .. if you want videos so it's preferable to use handy-cams for better zooming abilities. Make sure you upload the photos the moment you get any internet connection.
 If you are going to report the event so you have to take care of the news you are spreading because as we know now the lies get halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it's pants on.
 If you are hitting the streets as any normal protester so enjoy your time chant, sing, hold your banner, dance .. do whatever you want to do.

2.Clothes :
 Wear any thing you will be comfortable with to facilitate your movement like jeans for an example.

3.The bag :
 You have to bring your bag with you but let's review the contents.
  • extra battery for your mobile Or charger.
  • any type of fruit Orange, apple, guava, .. 
  • water.
  • tear gas mask or face mask to protect your self from the gases.
  • anything can protect your eyes like diving glasses.
  • sprayer (50% anti-acidic solution + 50% pure water).
  • use anti-acidic solutions which contains of {magnesium hydroxide + aluminum hydroxide + sime thicone} use this mix with water in case of tear gases usage and help others by sprinkling this mix on their eyes and inside the mouth.
  • Cotton.
4.During Clashes :
 Don't ever lose you temper, because if you did you will harm yourself and others.
 Don't ever use water to wash your face because you are a human being and humans sweat so the tear gas particles will stick to your skin and as the water touch your face the membranes will inflame so use any cola based product to wash your face, it's preferred to cover your face to avoid all these nasty symptoms. 
From Egypt with love
Sabry Khaled

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