Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why you blame Maikel Nabil ?

Egyptian activist and blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad jailed for criticising the country's military junta has declared himself ready to die, and it would be more honourable him to die committing suicide than allowing a bunch of Nazi criminals [SCAF] to feel that they succeeded in restricting his freedom as his hunger strike enters its 80th day.

Maikel Nabil Sanad declares he would prefer suicide to being tried by military junta for criticising the army in his blog defending his freedom of speech after a great revolution he was a part of.

I don't know Maikel personally but i am following his blog, Yes as you all know all of his Views were shocking but after time all of us are sure that he was right when he criticized the military junta.

The 26-year-old was found guilty of "insulting the Egyptian army". The case helped spark a nationwide opposition movement to military trials for civilians, and cast further doubt on the intentions of the (Scaf), whose promises regarding Egypt's post-Mubarak transition to democracy appear increasingly hollow.

I wont talk about the ridiculous charges they charged him with, let's go deeper, let's talk about how they used Maikel to destroy Maikel !

After Maikel's detention there was a huge campaign against him and many of activists accusing them with treason and raising the people against the SCAF -who was the protector of the revolution in the people's mind and still- by using their lifestyle, personal photos, opinions etc.. against them in public by the cheap media means which is really close to the broader sector of normal people who really trust the SCAF generals.

When the freedom voices in Egypt raised and called for Maikel's freedom or even re-trialing him in front of his normal court the case attracted the world's attention and his supporters were increasing till SCAF used the dirty means to distort his image using his opinions about Israel, Exploiting the historic dispute between the two nations, this is the way they used Maikel against Maikel's case and by all means i consider this is a violation of human rights as the freedom of speech is a basic human right.!!

Maikel isn't like many other Egyptians who are afraid to express their views and still afraid and if they will continue like this they will create a new dictator easily Or we can say that they already did.

I have no logical explanation for the people who reject the principle of " The only red line is the PEOPLE, power to the people " may be living in a dictatorship for so long did that ! and make them lose their faith with themselves ? .. i wont debate in that furthermore.

When i talk to normal people about Maikel and his case, They always start accusing him with treason ! and i don't blame them for that .. i blame the traitor regime and i will tell why .. 
During 30 years Mubarak didn't say a single work or a statement against Israel .. why ?
Why they taught us to hate Israel despite all the regime is supporting Israel ? .. even more , If anyone remember when any terror attacks attack Egypt The regime always after months of fake investigations come out with the same conclusion with slight differences in names but the link between all names was " the Palestinian organization named ... " >> so why should i love them ? hey think freely away from the Arabic, Islamic and the military  ideologies
I remember every time our media discussed the Israeli society they showed that it's the best democratic state in the region .. so why you blame Maikel when he said the same thing ? 

Maikel was a christian or still by the ID card, and for decades the christian minority in Egypt was under the focus as a prey for the rest of the people or at least the regime wanted them like that as i explained several times in many posts, so when you read about minorities in Israel you will see how they live in peace with governmental support ! and on the other hand you know what is really happening to them here .. so don't use the same scheme Mubarak used to use during the last 30 years !

Again ! when i start talking about Maikel specifically people attack me saying that he doesn't believe in GOD ! .. i know that our society will take a very long time to be able to accept ideas like these .. another thing that the society here in Egypt likes the Religious views but the true believers who really apply the spiritual side of the religion [Islam or Christianity] are very FEW ! this fact may be shocking for some people but still a fact, because simply the true core of both Religions deal with the human as a human whatever his religion even they ordered the Believers to treat the atheists and the other religion believers Good ! ..
Back to the Israeli thing .. i will not blame Maikel because he love Israel ! i will blame the Regime who showed that the hell in Israel is much much much better than heaven in Egypt !

Our generation >> before the revolution it was normal and very normal to hear someone saying that he's dying to leave Egypt ! .. it's was obvious that they were trying to enforce us to hate this country , few of us did hate it and left , but the majority stayed ! and Maikel was one of them.
You don't need me to remind you that Maikel Nabil Sanad was the First one who Said " NO " to the fascist SCAF generals !

A Question for those who blame Maikel, Why you didn't open your mouth about the Egyptians who work, study and live in Israel ?, and even married from Israelis ? Didn't they supported Israel by " ACTION " not by a blog writing and some interviews as Maikel did ?


  1. let's go more deeper
    what about the Israeli empathy accident. don't we remember the global rapid communications that was to secure Israelis citizens. what about any other country in middle east. haven't i heard a military guy telling me after 8TH April that they killed only one of Egyptians.
    what also about communications that held at the start of revolution to assure that the revolution is not Islamic but a youth one. wasn't our SCAF involved to avoid Pre-emptive strike. wasn't that the same which they accuse Maikel with.

  2. Thanks for writing it, I am trying to find some news every day about him as i am very worried. Why does everyone say he loves Israel? Most of his writings in English (I can't read the Arabic ones) are very critical of Israel. I admire him for having the guts to think and find out for himself, and hope I can live to that standard. Democracy works to support a sort of dictatorship (of the rich predators upon the taxpaying workers, or my view of the UK) because if you say something enough, everyone repeats it like parrots, believes it and even announces it as their own opinion, invented by them. I catch myself doing it, and hear it constantly. In the UK, politicians just repeat rubbish like 'we can't afford the NHS' (free healthcare) when it's clearly untrue: it's a matter of what we choose to spend the money on, yet parrot, parrot all around...things are getting a lot better than they were, but someone like MNS, who wakes up, searches around, thinks, is incredibly rare in all societies. As for having 'shocking thoughts', i don't believe anything except actions can be shocking: we must test, in thinking, anything so that we can be be free by making as many options as possible. Thank you very much for your article and blog.

  3. All Egyptions with a ideology free education cannot have any other opinion on the history of the last decades and the developing today in Egypt than you, Sabry, express.
    For my children I wish they have the same open minded - committed only to human rights - views as Maikel expressed.
    And Maia, you are right, Maikels views on Israel are critical - much more than those of most of European and US politicians. He spoke for the basic right of the Israelian State to exist - SCAF always assured the same, so what?!?!
    I am very dissapointed not to see more Egyptian citizens of my age in front of the Military Court to protest against militairy trials in general and for the immediate release of Maikel in particular.