Friday, February 24, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 3

Ahmed Khaled
My Brother: Ahmed Khaled.
It was during his last vacation from the compulsory military service, since he joined the army he changed a lot actually and i can understand that and he understands that too, but in a very different way.
A night before he was telling our parents about the military and how he is proud to be a part of it despite how tough is the military life.
And here comes the difference between us when it comes to "How to serve the country?"
He told me that he spent almost 18 days of his first month inside sleeping on the sidewalk while his commanders sleeping on their beds leaving these young boys to freeze.
The strange thing is that he was talking about humiliation and insults he experienced inside with a pride even i felt like he's asking for more!.. Then he said one thing i couldn't let it go..
"I'm a part of a productive foundation and we are the only ones who can run the country and the civilian people like you actually know nothing." he said.
i interrupted him saying "Man, you remember when you called me crying and telling me that it's more honorable to die than living with these insults and the massive amount of humiliation 24/7"
"I swear to God that serving your country is not by young kids being insulted!, and about productivity issue here's the thing: you are a part of a fascist organization sew up more than 40% of the Egyptian economy but can you tell me what i gained from that? How would that affect my life as a doctor used to work for the government for less than 50 US dollars a month?"
"In my opinion joining the military appears like serving the country and defending our borders but in the fact it's all about serving these lazy ass Generals and make them earn more money"
Then i asked him a question: "In your opinion how many of you inside the army was happy when he knew that  he's chosen to join the obligatory service?"
The remarkable thing is that he couldn't open his mouth to answer me.

That's it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Behind the picture.. Episode 2

مواطن - Citizen
This portrait of an old man in his mid fifties was taken in Mansour st. near Tahrir square during the clashes between revolutionaries and CSF forces near the Ministry Of Interior (MOI) after Port Said massacre where more than 75 Ultras Ahlawy members were killed in a systematic way in front of the police forces eyes and they just did nothing except the made the killing process easier, Clashes started when CSF forces started shooting tear gas and rubber bullets when thousands of Ultras Ahlawy and Zamalek (hardcore soccer fans) marched to Ministry of Interior HQ in Cairo near Tahrir square.

What is so special about this old man is that he didn't leave the battle field in solidarity with the revolutionaries despite his age and health status and i think it's very obvious on his face.

Every time i saw this man going to the front lines in the same time when i couldn't withstand the horrible amount of tear gas, i tell myself that the only thing can force anyone to do so is his belief in the cause.

By the way he is not the only Old man who is doing this or used to do that! we have many of them.. Bless.
You can check my photo set. from the MOI clashes and Ultras Marches to the MOI in this Photo Set On Flickr

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New translation: [En - Ar] Greek activists speak out: ‘We want workers’ power’ - نشطاء يونانيون يصرحون: نريد سلطة العمال

The Original article by Patric Ward  written for SocialistWorkerOnline A revolutionary Anti-capitalist paper in Britain.

My comment:
Before translating this piece i didn't have that much information about the state in Greece except what is going on on the main stream corrupt media and to be honest i was surprised by the labor movement in Greece and the great effort by the socialist and leftist organizations there.. what is extremely fascinating is the grow up of the workers awareness over many experiences and years..
It's a very good piece specially when you search in the background of all this.
All of you have witnessed the clashes and the news of the general strikes in Greece but after reading the article above, you will know how they reached this stage of struggle.
For years Greek left wing was deeply embedded in the roots of the labor unions and the normal working class and they make the normal people now have the ability to organize themselves in labor unions which has a great power to influence the government and to lead the anger of the huge crowds hitting the streets.
So when you look deep inside the Greek labor community you will find how they made this all.
For a moment of time i started to compare the status in Greece and Egypt when it comes to the labor movement!
to be honest i don't see the labor movement in Egypt weak as many of the Revolutionary activists see it because if you see the amount of oppression  they were affected by the Old regime which still in it's position you will know that it's not that easy to have this proletarian revolution in a matter of minutes!
But it still an option and believe me it's easy if the way we deal with the huge working class we have here in Egypt changed just a little bit.
You will notice in that article when some labor unionists keep mentioning the "organization from below" and this is the secret word for this great Greek working class uprising and it's the first step in the Domino Effect..

Power to the Workers!

Behind the picture.. Episode 1

اسرة الشهيد/ محمد خالد - أحد شهداء الالتراس - The family of martyr
اسرة الشهيد/ محمد خالد - أحد شهداء الالتراس - The family of martyr
I took this picture while we were marching from Ramsis square to The Ministry Of Defense (MOD - 10 Feb. 2012), during the march and just before we reach the MOD the whole march stopped at one of the family's balcony and we didn't know that the march will pass by one of the Port Said massacre Martyrs home..
For like 20 minutes the march which was a big one in numbers chanted with the family specially Mohamed's Mom (the martyr's mom), his brother and his grandfather who was crying all the time till we left.
The Crowds chanted "We will bring justice for them or we gonna die like them" for the martyrs.
The grandfather in the middle of the photo saluted the crowds with his tears on his cheek like a waterfall..
Then The march continued it's way to the MOD and just like the train of the revolution at every station you leave someone and someone get in instead.. i left a part of me there.. but i gained strength again! and we will win.

A comment on the Photo on Flickr:
elfouly: Three generations have been marked not only by their loss but by the tribute and respect for that loss. A historic image.

You can check the rest of the photos of that day in this link: Marching to the MOD - 10 Feb 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

First time dslr user

One month ago it was the first time to put my hand on my first dslr camera (Canon 500D) but i for two weeks before i put my hands on it i was preparing myself for it and how i will deal with it specially because the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution was days away.. 
I used to spend hours and hours in front of my computer checking review videos and teaching videos..
I swear to god i was like a BIG donkey when i was watching these videos because most of them were extremely complicated and full of strange terminology.. but at the end of the day the only thing i understood was that this kind of photography is all about the LIGHT!
Yes the light.. it's as simple as the English alphabet.. even easier as the English alphabet consist of 26 letters but this consist of only 3 letters! (Shutter speed - Aperture - ISO) and if you knew the definition of each one of these you will be able to produce great shots.. believe me just try to make it as a homogeneous mix!
Don't bother yourself by comparing your camera with others because if you did so i can grantee that you will show us just lame photography and you will be blaming your poor camera!.. it was never about the equipment it's all about the man who is holding it.. 
Whatever the body you bought.. My advice: you’ve bought an expensive and rewarding piece of kit… Don’t just treat it like a point-and-shoot (on automatic settings). Invest in learning about exposure and always shoot RAW if you can (think of it as your digital negative)!
I know it's not easy not to panic especially when you take your toy out to a massive protest for the first time.. it happened to me when i was trying to be a pro in the million man march 25Th of January 2012.. but guess what!..  i just put the camera on the P mood and auto focus (AF) programs and started shooting whatever i see in front of me and i got good photos as a start i guess :) Check them here 25Jan and the rest of my photos here Sabry Khaled Photography 
what i'm trying to say is make your life easier.. and dun think about all the crappy discussions about the different shooting moods and what is pro and what is not!..  so you don’t have to think so much about the settings when you are busy taking that shot.
I cant forget the great tip from one of my favorite photographers or my favorite teacher Hossam El-Hamalawy when he said "Don't be lazy and use the zooming capability in your lens.. just move your ass and get into the zone to get your shot"
Such a great advice!.. and after i used it i can grantee that anyone will use it will get a kicking ass shoots.
another tip from El-Hamalawy was about whether the photography is neutral or not.. the fact is that this kind of art is not neutral at all! because it reflects one eye's point of view.. so if you are trying to capture a portrait for a smiling happy man you can show the ugly side of the smile!
Another thing which is extremely important and will help you a lot is to take your camera out with you everywhere and be ready all the time and just press down your shutter button and capture the moment.. because when you are in the street it's the place where there will be always something happening for you to shoot so just get out there and spend lots of time shooting..
You should educate yourself about photography without a personal teacher.. be your own one!
Read about the Greatest photos in history and you will realize that they just came like that because the photographer was there and spent time and effort.. Read about the photography as science..
Believe me if you just relax when you hold your toy and make it one piece with your body avoiding zooming you will have a great shots!
I'm not saying that am a professional photographer as am away from being one.. but i just wanted to share a very interesting experience with you.. believe me you will have a lot of fun and you will be extremely happy when someone says "Nice one man!"

Good Luck.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ultras March 15th February

Ultras Ahly Marching to the public prosecutor's office
Ultras members holding banners of the port-said massacre martyrs.
It was a great March, Great numbers but i didn't like it very much because the organization, Ultras members wanted to dominate their rules on the people who joined the march to show solidarity with the Ultras demands which are the same demands of the normal people.
I respect the ultras mentality but i cant accept to be dominated like any other Ultras member inside a stadium during a football match.. may be it's very normal for them.. i respect the way they organize themselves and i like it, but when you invite many sectors of Egyptians to a march specially when it's a national issue you should respect the way other people want to organize themselves and if you cant live with that so you shouldn't invited them from the beginning to make your message more clearer at least.
Yesterday after the march i was speaking with some friends and they said that it's the Ultras mentality.. and they will keep doing that..
Anyways the most important thing is we had a great march against the Military rule asking for Justice for the Martyrs.

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