Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tahrir square 22-11-2011

Now after the 4th day of the second wave of the Egyptian revolution, i just want to see who were saying that Egyptians won't revolt again, accept SCAF's humiliation, sold their revolution their dignity and them selves. 

I want to look these people in their eyes and see how they look like after they saw their great people rise up again and say their word "ENOUGH".

Enough militarization of the country, Enough humiliation, Enough lying, Enough killing, Enough hunger, Enough suppression, Enough military trials, Enough injustice.

Egyptian people in the streets and freedom squares all over Egypt want their country back, On their faces you will figure out that they are sick of SCAF, you will feel so from the chants rocking the square.

Since Mubarak stepped down SCAF started a new era of Mubarak's rule itself but the people don't want another Mubarak and the surprise here that they were aware of every thing SCAF was doing not as many of the elites were thinking that the people won't revolt again and they are OK with the SCAF.

Away from home -Tahrir square- many cities are on fire now like Alexandria, Minia, Kena, Suez, Ismailia and Tanta, For those who are saying that Egypt isn't just Tahrir square i would say it's not about Tahrir only, it's a revolution all over Egypt.

No one knew that it will be that fast or the massive amounts of people who showed their support, but some people were sure of it going to happen, May be it's the violence against peaceful protesters which motivated people to be ONE HAND again and forced the people to express their anger against the same system ruled them the past thirty years.

It doesn't matter how it started, what really matter is the determination of people, after continuous usage of many types of tear gases, rubber bullets, iron pellets and live ammunition people still there still fighting, still chanting and still sacrifice their lives to ensure that Egyptian's dignity, rights and freedom are nonnegotiable.

In Tahrir square now there is no room for politics, no labeling allowed there and that was missing the last few months, no one would accept negotiating with the killers, no one has the right to speak for us except us and our demand is clear as we chanting it every single minute "down with military rule", I don't think using any type of weapons would affect people's determination !

How can we sit with the people who is killing our brothers and talk ? i think it's impossible now. May be after Revenge we can talk, i can't tell the real number of people who lost their eyes but it's a large number, At least 5-6 of my friends already lost their eyes, i don't think they will forgive us if we failed to achieve what they were aiming.

For those who didn't join the revolution till now, Join us and you will have something to say to your kids, participate in history, and if you don't see that there is no logical reason for joining remember virginity tests, maspero, military trials, 8 April officers, Abbasya, camel battle .. enough ?

Hey Egyptians "IT IS A SECOND CHANCE" take it and make the most of it, In case you missed the first revolution, I am sure you don't wanna miss the second real one, join to feel the revolution and freedom it's priceless.

battle field
From Tahrir with love
Glory to the Martyrs
Sabry Khaled

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