Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am i right ?

I came from a place where they say that who is doing two things at the same time is a liar and who is doing three at the same time is hypocrite.
Between the reality, cruelty and severity of life an idea came up to the surface and a voice heard saying "World can be a better place".
Such a big lie that you can make the world a better place through doing what you are supposed to do in your place, because if you did so in our part of the world the world won't be a better place for all people, just you will have some fake pleasure while others will remain suffering, many of us didn't live that life in which they dreamed of a small piece of bread so i don't think that they will feel what the suffering ones feel and may be they will blame them for what they are, unfortunately many of us lost the holly sense of humanity.
In a dictatorship trying to make the world better is considered as sort of illegal activism, even humanity is illegal and sometimes called wrong not responsible actions.
So during that journey danger is a lifetime friend and it varies, may be death, jail, injuries or sometimes it may cost you a whole life and a future.
During that journey you will be surprised by how many people will say "what the hell are you doing?", un fortunately your answer won't be that clear for them, may be they will never get it till they see the difference you can provide on earth, but even more people will remain silent or they will surprise you again saying "AND ?" "WHY you are doing this ?".
You should believe that you are doing a great thing, you have to love it.
But when you reach a certain point when you look around and see what you left from your 1st. life you will start to ask your self the same questions others used to ask you, believe me if your answers were convincing and satisfactory for you so you are on the right way.
None said that you will gain nothing, No you will be a human being and it's rare these days.
In the middle of this journey it's very possible that you will be frustrated, depressed or you may quit, the thing here is whatever the phase you quit in be sure that you did something good.
At a certain stage you may feel that something is missing from your life specially when others keep pushing on you and when you look around to discover that you have two lives one of them gives you the feeling that you are alive and the second is the one you have to live just because you have to and it's the normal for the people around and we are not alone on this planet.
Try to get a life, if you get both you are lucky.
just saying !


  1. It takes a very long journey of suffering, questioning and confusion to end up having one complete satisfying life full of freedom,joy and inner peace,it's destiny for people who insist on having free spirits and minds!THANK YOU for posting this,it’s deep,extremely touchy and your honesty is certainly felt.