Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to protect our revolution - LAW

«The judges appreciate you, Mr. President. You returned Egypt to it's Judicial Supreme Council at the start of your state. And you added to this achievement when you resolved the legal nature of the general attorney as a inherent branch of the Judicial powers ».

With these words,
«Sri Siam» - the previous President of the Court of Cessation and the Supreme Council for the judgement - on January 10, 2011 - a few days before the revolution - in the building of the High Court - downtown Cairo - started his hypocrite speech  in the presence of the former president «Hosni Mubarak» .

Those words reflect a fact that should not be ignored  that the current justice agencies was an integral part of the Mubarak regime. they were employed by him and his entourage, and have been used to
carry out their goals. not that only ! those words have ignored the sacrifices of the jugdes who fought for the Judicial indibendence in Mubarak era..
This fact explains the doubts and suspicions of the  families of the martyrs to achieve the justice under this corrupt judicial system and what enhanced these doubts and suspicions the release of many officers who were accused with killing the rebels and the release of some old regime symbols in cases of corruption which raised the anger of the people again and howa can we forget the GREY trial of Hosni Mubarak ,Hussien Tantawy and what he said in the court ! and all that is after 8 months since Mubarak stepped down.

    What really make me angry the people who call themselves "ELITES" and many political forces these days who call for the activations of some of the 1952 july movement laws like <the crime of betrayal> as an alternative to the normal justice which we fought for in the revolution
claiming the protection of our revolution and retribution blood of the martyrs, so we have to create our own justice system not to follow these rotten laws which used against us for the past 30 years or the past 60 years i think !

    i consider these actions as  campaigns to support the tyranny more than the victory of the revolution
which was based on high principles of freedom and human dignity and social justice  and upholding the value of respect for human dignity, justice, trial of the former regime for crimes against the Egyptians for many decades, not only during the eighteen days to take off Mubarak.

  Again and again !! The new regimes don't succeed without building the judicial systems to protect their believes ,for example when the 1952 Movement succeeded the officers took a protective procedures as set up committees to clean up government departments.

And those actions helped the army officers to tighten their control over the situation at the time, was a reflection of their concept of justice, as what they want the movement of the army in 1952 was not justice as we know more of the pillars of their rule, without regard to human rights and democracy, wasn't unfair judgments and seizures in trials exceptional issued by the political system more are issued by the courts.

And then to make the most of our revolution, we need a number of legal measures and procedures to protect the revolution and its values ​​and ensure its success and make a break with the former regime, to established the legitimacy of our revolution, the steps and actions that together constitute our revolutionary justice, and that will establish the legitimacy of the revolution, protect and establish rules for the system of state law.

But we can not be used the same procedures and the interpretation of justice used by the army officers and apply them to our revolution, and for several reasons the most important, that our revolution is different from the movement of July 23, 1952, is a popular revolution in full, while the second is in the best interpretations of the movement by some of the officers and supported by the people, and the second reason that the objectives for which it was July Movement different from the objectives for which it was our revolution, it must establish a justice on the principles of that revolution which it was freedom, human dignity and social justice.

At the same time we can not be accept  the measures and procedures from the current judicial system against crimes lasted for decades and they were an inherent part of it which violated our rights using law sometimes ,for example !
the General Attorney was involved in the protection of perpetrators of torture of men the police and symbols of the former regime, and therefore not eligible to participate in the prosecution and trial the system, which was part of it and protected it and still.

We also need to deal with the crimes of the former regime not only as the issues of the martyrs of the revolution and to deal with them more deeply as the cases of collective and systematic sometimes to get out of the law and violating our rights over the decades, including cases of torture, arrests and crimes, looting people's money, corruption and other crimes.

So we need to just revolutionary justice, which is based on the protection of our revolution, and ensure the transmission of Egypt to establish a state of freedom and human dignity and social justice, at the same time based on ensuring the rights of the tails of the system in a fair and equitable, which had long disappeared under the justice system ugly.

  to establish all that we need a powerful justice system but the the coming question is directed for the judges who ask for Independence :
                     What should come first the Cleansing Or the Independence ?
              -my answer from my point of view is ( Cleansing )
                     why ? 
              -simply if the corrupt judges have their independence it will be a new dictatorship in the name of law


  1. it must establish a justice on the principles of that revolution which it was freedom, human dignity and social justice.

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