Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey World .. Wake the FUCK up ! save #Syria

I wont talk about what is happening in Syria because  i am not an expert in the Syrian politics but what we all see there is the brutality against the peaceful unarmed protesters whatever they are women, men, even children !

According to the latest estimations, The war criminal Bashar El-Assad, his gangs, his army, did kill more than 5000 civilian !

Syrians have been brutalized beyond imagination for 48 years by the Baath regime. Now the people have reached a tipping point. For several months they've been protesting -- despite a government crackdown involving mass arrests and thousands of deaths -- for freedom and regime change.

Whatever it takes, whatever how ! help the Syrian revolutionaries .. save them ..

If you are not familiar with what happening there so take a look to the next videos to know the real meaning of the word BRUTALITY !  ......  Warning +18 (Too much BLOOD)

Syrians revolutionaries are being Slaughtered by Bashar forces.

Another crime ... 

This is just two .. 
Force Bashar to GO !

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