Monday, November 7, 2011


I always say that some human right defenders have to understand the term " human being " properly before they start making noise about it.
None of us is an angel.
I am angry, cool, chaotic, afraid, crazy, smart, stupid, organized, rushing, moderate, loving, unwilling, selfish, bored, careless, careful, slowing, absurd, artist, Altruism, secret, sad, happy, depressed, wise, cyclonic, free, handcuffed, injured, light, darkness, perfect, the best, the worst, fugitive, worrier .... i am a human being, i am all that and more.
what is the difference between MAN and ROBOTS ?
i will tell you, 
Robots don't have feelings but men do, both of them are making decisions and here comes the big difference the robots have something called database and the man also ! but the database when we talk about robots is CONSTANT and nothing can affect the final action coming out from the robot except the constant database information no matter how the weather is for example or how the robot feel towards the "thing" it ordered by the central processing unit based on the previous installed constant database; because they don't feel ! they don't feel angry, happy, sad, humiliated, frustrated ... etc , one more fact about them that they will never be affected by any outside effects.
But it will be totally different if we will talk about man's database and central processing unite because the man can be easily affected by any means around him and when you ask yourself why ? i will answer > because i feel ! if someone teased me may be i 'll be angry but may be not, who knows ? we are unpredictable .. -imagine that if we were predictable so why we live our life ? - i have brain which is my central processing unit, it do analysis, give orders and options ! all the time 24/7 .. but is it really works 24/7 ?
The MIND is the moral function of the brain which works on gathering the information and giving the orders and this is the part of us which concerned with the thing called "feelings" which turn to be "motivations" of the action will be acted whatever they are nice Or nasty ! so the Mind work 24/7 for real but on many different levels .. the human mind do this in a perfect harmonic way making us unable to differentiate on which level we are now but sometimes a conflict between the these levels happen ! and this is what we always name it "unpredictable" actions and 90% of them are totally different from what we really are ! for example : many normal quite people who don't react violently in normal time can be very violent if they reached their peak ! they may kill .. yes it's that simple.
we are the people who say "stay away from the polite one when he become angry" , It means that in this particular phase of the conflict we talked about between the different levels had just took a place ! where it blocked the wise channels or levels in our minds so we turn nasty, at these times we forgot all the facts in our life and our vision will be very very narrow focusing on the target whatever it is a revenge or any nasty action.
I am not trying to justify violence or any thing against the thing we call " Human Rights " but as i said before Judge the case from a human perspective then we can talk. 
Again .. the words i am saying may be aren't applicable on many of us ! especially when they are in the cold water judging the issues from a bird eye view not the narrow horizontal view and i am not excluding them from the life equation ! i am showing the dark side of the equation when some human right defenders -even me- start attacking some people who harassed The " human being " called Ahmed Spider [who started an anti-revolution campaign called "Ded el tiar" -supported by the SCAF generals- in order to distort the image of some revolutionary faces and activists like Ghonim, alaa, and many others by invading our private lives and telling lies which really affected our image .. violating the privacy our personal life and more by being a direct cause of sending many of us behind bars just like he did with activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah]
Unfortunately they call me a human right defender so i am against any mean of harassment and intimidation to anyone whatever his views, sex, color and religion. But because i was on the ground when one of my friends spitted on him -spider- and many others talked to him hardly even he was like a chick ! in the presence of his bodyguards and the activists were fewer in no. than them i will tell u the dark side which you don't know about the motivations ..
Imagine seeing the one who is the direct reason of dentition of one of your best friends and the one who is jumping on every Tv. station telling lies about you and violating your personal space in life ON AIR ! .. tell me wise-asses what you will do ! i can swear that many of us were wise enough not to beat him and we were just satisfied with showing him his real value and the thing he really deserves which is a spit on his bloody face !.. COME on people give me a break ! we all know human rights but when it comes to your life ,believe me you will just leave it alone as we all did ! and may be you will forget it at all.
In some situations like these when u lose control on your actions .. none has the right to tell you what should be done and what shouldn't after you have done ! .. and here's the Question ! is this Radicalism ? 
i will answer "NO".   why ?
Because : the man who violate other people's life, reputation and rights doesn't deserve the rights we paying him ! 
May be it's Politically incorrect and a human right violation but in the end " the world is against me ... so i am against the world "

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