Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boycott Elections

Dr.Aida Sief El-Dwla explaining why she will boycott election.

In a dictatorship or under a military rule Elections will not make the difference people revolted for. Aida said.

The situation now after 18th of November is totally different from before, before 18th Nov. there was a principle saying that if the people in the streets choose a battle so being with the people in the front lines for support is the duty of the politicians despite their own views about the battle in order to be there if violence occurred and it already happened in Masr El-Gdeda (Ahmed Farag) and Alexandria (Hassan Sabra).
Ahmed Farag who is a candidate in Masr El-Gdeda constituency died after being stabbed. “Aida confirms”

As a comment on scaf General Mamdouh Shahin statement about the inability of the coming parliament to control the government Aida continues saying that she can't deal with his words as his personal thoughts because he is one of the ruling council since Mubarak stepped down and they took their legitimacy from Mubarak not from the people as they claiming all the time.

Reasons why she will boycott elections started with referring to the 12,000 civilians facing military unjust trials who will not vote, 55 Martyr who died because of the lethal tear gas and bullets of the same forces which will supervise the elections and will boycott in solidarity with people facing torture and sexual harassment by the Egyptian police forces inside state prisons,
These people above have the same right to vote just like the people who will vote tomorrow.

Talking about the political forces who will participate in elections, she mentioned that they were weak in front of SCAF and they didn't play the game according to their own rules and they sold the military trials case and the tortured people to the regime for the elections.
"As long as scaf remains in power none will be able to make the decision except them" Aida added.

Wael khalil the Egyptian Activist and blogger still believe in his reformatory theories just like what he said before during the previous debate about the referendum back in march which proved to be wrong by time but now he insist on undergo to the elections which will bring the SCAF down as he's claiming.

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