Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creativity square #Tahrir

Tahrir square - Egypt, This place since the first tahrir sit-in back in January 28th 2011 till the 11th of February 2011 was the symbol of creativity and inspiration for Egyptian people because the atmosphere of the revolution and for the first time since long time ago Egyptian people feel their ability to change and surprise the whole world.
The very special Egyptian revolution made the people creative or we can say that it removed the cover from the creativity which oppressed over years.

I will show you how can a simple Egyptian make Gold from dust, This young man Ahmed 27 years old used the plastic dishes to create a plastic pyramid with a sign or a message on every rock " plastic dish " on it.

May be it's too simple and many can see that it's normal and nothing is actually special about it, but this man with simple education and social level is aware of what's going on around him and it appears clearly from the messages he wrote himself and wanted them to appear in an artistic way.


we will never forget our martyrs.

The revolution continues
No Politics as soon as there is blood

photos by me.
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