Friday, November 25, 2011

Thinking about situation of #Tahrir - Just saying !

Without Parties, without Ikhwan the revolution will make it in the square ولا احزاب ولا اخوان الثورة هتنجح في الميدان
Without Parties, without Ikhwan the revolution will make it in the square ولا احزاب ولا اخوان الثورة هتنجح في الميدان
From day one since the whole thing started there are some observations I couldn't let it go !
Sometimes I feel like we all dragged to this or the stage before it but things became out of control from the SCAF's side!

Do you remember sunday the 20th of November ? When the Army forces broke into tahrir square ? They took over the square easily ! It was a piece of cake for them but why they left it after less than 15 minutes !

Mansour El-Esawy Minister of MOI before his official resignation said that he's not in chief anymore 2 days before the resignation and an Army officer is running the whole operation and it was obvious to many of us through their determination not to draw backwards, that means that the forces on the ground were Army but dressed like police!

The situation and decision of the Muslim Brotherhood about these clashes is Very questionable ! ,No One really knows what is the thing being processed behind the closed doors !,
All of us know that Muslim Brotherhood is dying for the elections because this time is their golden chance and will never come again.

Today the 25th of November 2011 :-

It's two days after clashes are over now but there are many developments on the scene now.
SCAF has officially announced Dr.Kamal El-Ganzory as the new prime minister despite the rejection of the revolutionary forces,
many of them refused El-Ganzory because he's a symbol of Mubarak's regime who literally sold the national sector and planted Gamal Mubarak in the Central bank of Egypt.

Others refused him because as any other revolution the revolution have to rule the country and to be the only voice who choose it's destiny, which won't happen under supervision of the SCAF, so people in tahrir square want to choose their destiny by their own hands, It's a revolution.
We want a government or a presidential council to speak with our tongue.
People don't see the SCAF as the Ruler anymore.

The square has agreed that Baradie would be the PM. and  4 VPMs: Abo El-Fotoh, El-Nagar, El-Baroody & Sabahy
Now this is a great win for me because for the first time since the first spark in 25jan Our revolution  had no leader, but now we have a leading council whatever their names or the entity of the council, the most important is it's formed from the square.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and SCAF's stupidity !

Regime still stupid :- they let some people protest in solidarity with them but they changed places, that's it.

People's demand is clear :- Down with the SCAF .

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