Friday, November 25, 2011

Same mistakes again ?

Since SCAF became the official ruler of Egypt after Mubarak stepped down last February they used to use distraction and conspiracy methods with us when something important comes to the surface.

It happened many times and the biggest was the conversion of 8th of July protest demand from the constitution first to actually nothing !

The SCAF and the Islamic movements did conspire against the most important and necessary demand of the revolution "The Constitution 1st." because the they felt it's riskiness on them as it would threw them out of the power and for the Islamists it would make them loose their backbone on the political arena ! >>> HOW ?
The scheme began with the "Ballon Theater" clashes - Riot forces violently beat the families of the martyrs which transferred the clashes to Tahrir square where the Rebels dealt with the Riot forces and forced them to leave the square -, Pro-SCAF, Pro-Iknwan Media in order to make some sort of distraction from the real purpose behind the 8 July Protest ! and they succeeded in their purpose furthermore they transferred our sight to the bullshit called Over-Constitutional articles which mean nothing , Don't let us forget the role of the Chef of the State Council who used the media to convince the people with the kindness of the SCAF ! 
Simply this how the Conspirator did succeeded in changing the purpose of the protest to "Revenge to the martyrs" which ended with the Comic show Called "The trial of the century" - Mubarak's trial.

A general fear i feel while talking with participant in Tahrir sit-in now which is the conversion of the main goal of the sit-in to any other undesirable direction just like what happened in 8th of July sit-in, i guarantee it will be the perfect nightmare for many of us it that happened.
This sit-in is a dejaveu of many sit-ins and that's what i am afraid of, sometimes it reminds me of the first 18 days ! and this was great for sure, but sometimes i smell the 8th of July and that was nasty by all means.

Army officers again ?
I think we all remember the 8 April officers, away from their intentions whatever it was good or bad but we all agree that the timming of the army interference wasn't that accurate because the revolutionary phase wasn't ready yet.
In the perfect Utopia revolution the social movement in the society should reach a certain revolutionary phase before the army do to avoid military overthrew because the army has the well organized forces which can use the struggle of the nation for the own good of some army officers.
the equilibrium between the revolution inside the army and the revolution in the streets should be watched accurately and a certain coordination should be between them to reach to the real goals behind the people's revolution.
Simply ! if we tried to apply these little principles to our revolution and the political arena now we will find that we are far away from that perfect match in mentality at least, at this particular stage of our great revolution we have to motivate the people more and more against the SCAF and have to avoid relying on any individual revolutionary action inside the army, i believe we don't need them now ! , we cannot reproduce the same version of 8 April officers.

But shit happens, and here's another individual revolutionary action inside the army and the only loser here is the revolutionary officer -just in case of being true revolutionary- and please think with me ! what if they worked underground for now and wait for the right moment, in this case we all win ! at least they will be grater in number !

This is officer doctor Amr Ahmed Mahmoud ..  and he just disappeared after this speech, most probably kidnapped and there is a campaign now for his release. is this a distraction ?

I am not calling for giving up these heroes ! but it's not the right time i think, but we have to show our solidarity with them for sure.

There's a principle saying "During a revolution don't expect anything from an army which is not a revolutionary army" and this is damn true at least here in Egypt as we have no true revolution inside the army and still the capitalist mentality ruling the army.

Going back to distraction ! i hope we really focus on the revolution on the ground.

Just saying ..

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