Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I work, Pay taxes then they kill me.

It’s not a surprise for me that the word dictatorship is always linked to the word capitalism.
The man’s lifetime under the capitalist ruling regime comes through a certain phases which start with a white dreamy page won’t be clear for a long time because of the dark color of the mud mixed with blood.

During your lifetime you will work hardly to fulfill your needs but they will never fulfilled because you will never take what you really deserve from them, form them it's enough that you still breathing.

You pay them taxes, and using these taxes they will either buy arms to kill you when you speak out your rights or they will continue building their rocky metallic castles to prison your voice calling for social justice in.

When you ask for your rights, they will say " Rights ? What rights ? Aren't you still breathing ? Go continue your slavery and make us richer. "
If you entered a capitalist brain you will hear these words :
By your money i will build armies, not to defend you ! they defend me and my greed
By your money i will use " system dogs " i will start to fabricate illusions and you will believe in it because i owned your minds, killed your revolutionary souls and did enslaved you.
The amazing part here when you start speaking my mind ! For an example : when you say " production wheel " and we have to push it ,The ironic here is that you are my wheel by your slavery not by body but also by mind and this is the most important slavery for me.
Once you think of disturbing the illusions i created in the name of your bloody struggle i will kill you ! you hear me i will kill you using the billions i earned from your blood and sweat over years, by live ammunition, even i may bomb you !, .. Yes calm down because i will fabricate another illusion here !, let's give you elections just to feel like you have any power but in the fact you have nothing, That's great you know why ? because i will kill you in much cooler blood and you will remain silent.
I will remain in power until you expiate with illusions i created for you through my dogs my media, I will remain in power and you will never smell the breeze of freedom till i allow to to take some, i will remain in power until you unite and revolt.
 letter by a billionaire.

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