Saturday, November 26, 2011

Video: the killing of Ahmed al Sayed Sorour this morning بالفيديو : استشهاد احمد السيد سرور | ١١.١١.٢٦| شارع مجلس الشعب

Video by Mosireen

During Cabinet sit-in : Protesters from tahrir square decided to move a part from the main tahrir sit-in to the cabinet in order to prevent El-Ganzoury from entering the building and as mean of showing SCAF their rejection of announcing him as the new PM.

According to MOI official statement : Early in the morning 2 CSF trucks tried to enter the street where protesters have their sit-in in order to reach the MOI when protesters started throwing rocks and molotov cocktail on the trucks which cased PANIC as usual to one of trucks drivers and made him ran over the protester Ahmed El-Sayed Soror. and his death confirmed -may his soul RIP-

Many protesters who where there said that the officers refused to change their direction and take another street despite they were aware of the occupy cabinet sit-in, friends confirmed that they were on purpose and were intending to attack the sit-in.
Not confirmed till now that their is an officer who shot live ammunition.

sit-in continues.
Glory to the Martyrs.

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