1 - From English to Arabic                      26-11-2011
The original article was talking about tear gas canisters used in Tahrir square - Cairo written For SocialistWorkerOnline A revolutionary Anti-capitalist paper in Britain by Simon Basketter.
Translated for Socialist studies center - Egypt
Original Article : Firm linked to Tories provided tear gas canisters used in Tahrir Square 
Arabic translation : تورط شركة بريطانية للأسلحة في بيع قنابل الغاز لمصر 


2 - From Arabic to English                    05-01-2012
The Reason why i wanted to translate this article is since a long time we didn't witness any rational criticism to the Islamic "conservative" manners which misused by the people who lead the movement in Egypt or the people who just blindly follow without making their minds!.. The most important is the simple explanations the writer gave to the voices calling for the "share'a law" application.
Original Article : مقال عن قلة الأدب - محمد خير - التحرير
English translation : Translation of Mohamed Khier's brilliant article "Article About Lack of Manners" - 4-1-2012 


3 - From English to Arabic                22-01-2012
The Original Article by Paul D'Amato written for the American socialist journal and first published by the 14th of April 2000
It was a great article by the way in which the writer discussed the different views of defining and dealing with Globalization and going back to what Karl Marx and Engles Said about this phenomenon.
Translated for: Socialist studies center - Egypt 


4 - From English to Arabic                19-02-2012
The Original article by Patric Ward  written for SocialistWorkerOnline A revolutionary Anti-capitalist paper in Britain.
Before translating this piece i didn't have that much information about the state in Greece except what is going on on the main stream corrupt media and to be honest i was surprised by the labor movement in Greece and the great effort by the socialist and leftist organizations there.. what is extremely fascinating is the grow up of the workers awareness over many experiences and years..
It's a very good piece specially when you search in the background of all this.