Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MSA University student union 1st statement regarding their strike #MSAstrike

This is the MSA University student union strike 1st. statement :-

Dear MSA community:

Today the students chose to carry on with their legitimate strike to ask for their rights, the student union stands by the students to create a fair, free, and academically and socially, enriching environment. However a strike that large, with a huge number of concerned students taking part of it, is impossible to be controlled or contained by a single individual or entity. ...The Student Union would like to reaffirm its utmost reverence to all opinions shared by the students. Furthermore the Student Union asks all students to abide by university rules and policies while continuing their efforts to regain their rights.

Here for you,
Mohamed El-Khouly
President, MSA Student Union

The students started their strike and sit-in against the University administration last Monday (17-10-2011) due to the situation of the administration took from their demands which are the simplest for any private or even a governmental Uni. and always the answer was " NO " without any logical reasons just like the Old regime "talking about Mubarak and the police state he planted in the universities to abort any productive student movements"

Here are the MSA strike Demands

A. MSA Website

B. Unfair Deans, Doctors and Assistants:
1. Dr. Saeed ashour should resign completely.
2. Dr. Mohamed Hassan should resign from head of industrial engineering department.
3. Dr. Seif El Din Ashour
4. Dr. Ismail Abdel Fattah
5. Dr. Sherif Moody
6. Dr. Omar – Head of Architecture Program
7. Loaa Shoukry
8. Disciplinary actions against offensive doctors and assistants
9. Staff Evaluation should be taken into consideration
10. Better filtration of Doctors and Teaching Assistants
11. Doctors and assistants who speak in Arabic when there are foreigners in the class who do not understand Arabic.

C. Courses:
1. Should not be according to GPA.
2. Course evaluation
3. More courses and credit hours in the summer
4. Paying fees per credit hours
5. 3 extra credit hours per semester and 6 extra credit hours in the graduation semester without reference of the GPA

D. Student Portals and Intranet:
1. Improving student portal (intranet) to contain assignments & quizzes announcements.
2. Accessible Intranet Folders from home (lectures & tutorials)
3. The model answers of exams should be published on the intranet
before remarking
4. Online Registration.
5. Students should be able to register their courses even if they didn’t pay their fees in advance.

E. Course Work:
1. Announcing accurate classifications & evaluation for class work.
2. Announcing class work grades (assignments, quizzes, projects, etc..) on student portal.
3. Portfolios should have a 5% Bonus on class work according to evaluation.
4. Portfolios shouldn’t contain hard copy of the PowerPoint presentations (it’s a matter of wasting time & money).

F. Labs and References:
1. Better quality of labs for ALL faculties
2. Providing CNC Machines for Industrial Engineering Students
3. University labs should be used in Graduation Projects
4. Cameras for Mass Communication Students
5. Books should ALL be up to standard and used more frequently
6. Computer Labs and Better software
7. More efficient copy centers

G. Improving MSA Activities:
1. Career Placement Center
2. Student Union
3. Sports Department
4. Academic Students Activities
5. Entertainment Programs including Welcome Parties for New Comers
6. Frequent Reunions
7. Student Development Center:
a. Training Centers
b. Internships of a minimum of 2 months duration
c. Sessions from Multinational Companies
d. Soft and Technical skills

H. Exams and Grading:
1. Make ups for failed courses or improving instead of repeating the course, with the exception of courses that are failed with an (F2)
2. Grades should be out in a timely manner with respect to the makeup schedule.
3. Schedules & exam schedules should be out in a timely manner with respect to start studying & exams.

I. Remarking:
1. We want to see our own papers
2. Not only the re-addition of marks

J. Graduation Projects:
1. Better Supervising doctors
2. We should not have to take approval for our own ideas

K. Students’ Breaks:
1. A 30 minutes slot per day where all of the members of the faculty are free so that students can meet with them for any matter.
2. Last 15 minutes of every class.

L. Parking Problems

M. Buses:
1. More buses
2. Different timings in the morning

N. Student Affairs needs many improvements

Egypt enters a new phase of freedom and also the student activity as we have seen in many of the Egyptian Universities as the year already started with many strikes in order to overthrow the symbols of the former regime leaders from the universities as we have seen in Mansoura University and the University of Alexandria, but it is in the private universities is very different it is not possible to choose the university leaders, according to the law, but the rebels across the Egyptian private universities can plant the proper student activity and and take it to the stage of maturity .. How can a wide range of university students be hand tied up inside their own campuses and cant even form a strong student unions like these which was in the early sixties a beacon and an inspiration for many of the student movement around the world ?

As a MSA graduate i am totally proud of these guys !

check #MSAstrike on twitter for more info and updates about the sit in and the strike

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