Thursday, December 1, 2011

The thin line

Between every word and it's opposing there is a thin line separates them, Not all of us can really distinguish this thin line which crossing it sometimes can cost a life, it's that thin line between being smart and being stupid, between being good and being naive.
It's that thin line between being a revolutionary and being a jerk !

Revolution is an act of love, and the first motivation is always the feelings against obsession, injustice and humiliation.
Can you really control you feelings 24/7 ?  Answer is NO

But being in a place in which your decision will affect others decisions should have the power to change it and controlling your feelings and make your mind take control of the situation.

When you compare the field status to other historic events you shouldn't ignore the historic, cultural, geographic and psychological differences between people and cultures so here's the thing "Compare what is Comparable".

For some of us who stick to one Theory through out their whole life i want to tell them that there is a thin line between believing in the theory as a possible way to make the world better and mania and being a slave to the theory and this is possible after a long time may be ages of oppression but on the other hand the ages of the oppression can make the fighter more open minded, smart enough to be flexible and adapt himself and his theories to the right situation in the right time.

The theory is like the desert or the base of a still undefined building so without the life experience it will remain a barren desert or an undefined high building, that experience gained by two ways the first one will take a long time to be understood through the battles man enters every day ! and in the end of each one of them the real revolutionary should learn from his mistakes first then to look into the benefits he gained from that daily struggle, the second one is much easier in which the man should learn from others experiences very well and start to "Compare what is Comparable"

Revolution is radical in nature, but even radicalism should have protective boundaries when your radicalism will affect others specially when they depend on you and trust your decisions.
In my opinion a true revolutionary is the one who can say that he's weak when he's weak and need a break to rearrange his arms.

Taking the right decision in the right time isn't an easy job actually but it could be easy when the reasonable on the ground has the sight of leading the people to the profitable area.

In a revolution there are many opposite actions and principles like being radical and reasonable in the same time ! but the true revolutionary is the one who can manage all those fighting feelings inside him and make them work in a harmonious way for the good of his people and himself.

Never give up your principles but make sure to choose the right one in the right time, and it's never too late, so Revolt !

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