Monday, January 30, 2012

We will never forget..

Blood of a Martyr.. - دم احد شهداء مجلس الوزراء

When i was walking between the protesters in front of Maspero -state Tv and Radio building- and taking some pictures to upload later that night The man in the photo jumped in front of me and said "This is Mohamed's Blood, The army killed Mohamed Moustafa, He was an Engineering student, I will never Forget". I took this photo during the 2nd night of The Maspero sit-in AKA #OccupyMaspero, the blood in the photo belongs to the Martyr Mohamed Mostafa who died after being shoot by live ammunition during the Cabinet events last month by the Egyptian Army..
I wonder how many people like this man between us who never had any sort of relation with the martyrs but they take their case as a personal issue.. ?
How many of them who didn't have the chance to show up in front of a lens..
Glory to the Martyrs..

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