Sunday, January 1, 2012

Short movie: Hidden hands? - أيادي خفيه ؟

This simple short movie shows what is happening in Egypt since the 11th of February 2011 till now.
Shows how is SCAF dealing with the "Couch Party" -people with no political alliance or who only sit on their couches watching the state media- and the Revolutionaries.
SCAF with the power of controlling the media and the trust based on fear of instability they planted through the "transitional" period succeeded to break the bond or even weakening it which was between the revolutionaries and the rest of the people using the Famous disgusting theory of the 3rd factor and the hidden hands which is SCAF themselves!
Enjoy it!
تضرب بقوة تضرب بكثرة تضرب يمينا تضرب يسارا تتوغل هنا وهناك وفي كل اتجاه ...انها الايدي الخفية ...انه الطرف التالت ؟؟!
بالعقل وبالهداوة كده هوه ده اللي بيحصل في مصر من 11 فبراير ...

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