Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From poverty to slavery in the corporate world

From a Utobian point of view poverty can be the initial motivation behind the question "Why?" which soon turns into the question "How could i end it?" which will find it's answer through a long revolutionary journey.. in one word.. Poverty can initiate rebellion.

In the world where we live the phenomenon of poverty is not only associated by lack of money because many things already added to it's basket.. lack of education, diseases, etc..

But Poverty has the power of creating awareness.. Yes, don't be surprised, it creates awareness from comparing which is a natural instinct inside every human being, and comparing the status of people will force the individual to ask himself about how he got here.. and about why?

I know that it cant be that simple, specially in a world governed by the profits of the transnational corporations.. because who own the wealth in this world is the one who own everything even the people's awareness and minds.

The corporate world is the world of illusions, they give you everything can control your mind, they give you their media.. their education which is completely different from the kind of education which create the social awareness allow you to compare and make your own point views, after awhile from their education and the lies surround you by their system dogs you will speak their words.. and this is the point when a poor man turn into a slave.

In this world they won't care for the market which will serve the human needs.. they will care more for the market which will pull up the wealth in one side and increase the poverty on the other side.. the world where the big fish swallow the little fish.

Controlling the minds leads to possession of people.

The Great thing is that Always you can bet on the imperfection of any corrupt system and it's stupidity, and once the individual step up asking for his right or even ask about why he got there, the repressive system will deter him with an iron fist, and by this moment the individual will feel threatened but for him it will be a matter of life or death, which won't be very different for him, so the awareness created by the "iron fist" will lead him to the choice of resistance because there is nothing to lose.

One of the most Great touching scenes from the Egyptian revolution is that video of a man during one of the marches in the early beginnings when he said "It's very bad for my government.. i have not food.. i have not anything.. me and my children.. we will die today.." - watch the video from here. CLICK starting (0:05/2:16)
and this what i call "awareness".
"Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!" Karl Marx.
"Maybe i'm not educated, maybe i'm hungry, but i'm not stupid, i'm not a coward." - the sign.
One of the great images of the Egyptian revolution.. Awareness.
One day these people will realize that the world belongs to them.

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