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Translation of Mohamed Khier's brilliant article "Article About Lack of Manners" - 4-1-2012

The Reason why i wanted to translate this article is since a long time we didn't witness any rational criticism to the Islamic "conservative" manners which misused by the people who lead the movement in Egypt or the people who just blindly follow without making their minds!.. The most important is the simple explanations the writer gave to the voices calling for the "share'a law" application.

Lack of manners.. by Mohamed  Translation by me ( Sabry Khaled )

The Article:
Some Pharmacies with good manners in Cairo started prohibiting the sale of condoms to the public specially the young youth because of the fear that they may encourage them to commit sins and that piece of information was confirmed from different sources, The Publication of ethics is the role of the home, school, church and mosque so when the pharmacist take this role that way it won't be ethics publication because he will be spreading AIDS, Away from the other medical uses of condoms like the cases when the usage of the bills is contraindicated AIDS is not just a bacterial sexually transmitted disease just like Gonorrhea and Syphilis because it is viral disease like Hepatitis C which can be sexually transmitted along with many other means like blood transfusion and mother-baby transmitting, but all these scientific talks are not important the important thing is to appear like "applying share'a law"..
Most of the reviews about "Promotion of Virtue commission" were that it may be a usual security hoax but the fact is the political model presented by the Islamists in Egypt will create such a body sooner or later, Egyptian law already applies more than 90% of Islamic share'a laws (The number after Dr.Esam El-Erian following Ardogan's visit to Cairo to show him how Egypt is Islamic advancement more than Turkey) you can dear reader to touch that figure yourself in your marriage and divorce and legacy, as well as the laws of public order and morals and the prevention of abortion, criminal law and commercial law , all of them are derived from the Islamic law, so the rest of the 100% is divided between The banking laws and the hodod laws which are the Points of contention since long time ago and very similar to the famous chant of "khieber khieber Jews" which became "we respect the international protocols and treaties" just after the parliamentary elections, So what is the rest of the Islamic project ? Actually it's nothing but the attempts of separation between men and women in the public transportation! and because of that you can understand why the Islamic figures are talking a lot about the current legalizing of Alcohol and sex in Egypt and you can see it very obvious every time they invited to a seminar or a discussion how they express their anger of that!.
 The permissible thing is the thing that you can buy it from anywhere, use it anywhere, at any time without any restrictions, Can you apply this to Alcohols in the Egyptian law? The answer is a big NO, The Egyptian law was developed by people who learned from the experiences of others, specially the U.S. experience between 1919 and 1930 when the government froze selling Alcohol which resulted in progress of the black market of Smuggling the banned goods and it's known that money from the black market always pours in either drugs or arms trade, and this is how the Egyptian law hold the stick from the middle making balance between the society's traditions and culture, preventing the emergence of the black market and maintaining tourism, Egyptian law restricted alcohols trade so you can only buy them from the registered places, applied large taxes and prices and banned drinking it in public to maintain the public manners. So you still think that it's freely legalized?
 It's the same thing when you think about adultery in the Egyptian law, as the application of Islamic share'a law in this particular part in simply impossible in the modern age where people live behind closed doors not tents, so the Law here used another means to prevent and criminalize the illegal sex such as messages or audio records between the two persons, it also criminalize all the types of illegal sex whether one of them is married or even if both are married from another one and if one of them paid to the other one "prostitution" So how come after all these restrictions someone come and say that the Egyptian law legalize Adultery? the only case Law cannot criminalize is when they have sex in a place belongs to one of them, So the only way to prevent this is to hire someone outside every door which will be the " promotion of virtue commission "
When you finish reading this article you might say: «This article about condoms and alcohol and sex», and can also say that «this article about health, tourism and the inviolability of private life», your choice determines your understanding of the difference between the provisions of the share'a law, and its purposes.
 Arabic Original version by the writer.. Click Here

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