Saturday, January 7, 2012

The man who killed Mina Daniel

The Killers: G. Hamdy Bden and Pope Shenouda.
I won't talk much, because the history is full of these nasty moments and one of them was the last night when the Coptic Pope Shenouda III who led the Christmas Eve mass put his hand in the hands of SCAF General Hamdy Bden who's the 1st and the only responsible of Maspero massacre when more than 7 Christians got killed by live ammunition or ran over by the Army armors.

Members of the ruling military council that took power after Mubarak's Feb. 11 ouster also attended, including chief of staff Lt. Gen. Sami Anan, Coptic Pope Shenouda III commended their presence and appealed for national unity for "the sake of Egypt."

Due to his commendation of their presence a group of young Coptic activists chanted against the military rule and SCAF generals, but the Cathedral security dealt with them brutally.

Check this Video out.
Coptic Activists chanting against SCAF generals commended by Shenouda.

Not the First time Pope Shenouda III let down the revolution and the Coptic nation in his history because his history with Mubarak brought shame to him and to the National biggest Church in Egypt.

You can check out Maikel Nabil's blog about Shenouda's shameful history with Mubarak and the Regime till now! from HERE.

Shenouda is a Killer just like them, He killed Mina Daniel for the second time -The Coptic socialist activist who got shot at and killed during the Maspero Massacre - when he welcomed those killers to his Church and Called them Protectors of the homeland but they are far away from this because WHO KILL AN EGYPTIAN CITIZEN IS A TRAITOR.

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