Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ultras March 15th February

Ultras Ahly Marching to the public prosecutor's office
Ultras members holding banners of the port-said massacre martyrs.
It was a great March, Great numbers but i didn't like it very much because the organization, Ultras members wanted to dominate their rules on the people who joined the march to show solidarity with the Ultras demands which are the same demands of the normal people.
I respect the ultras mentality but i cant accept to be dominated like any other Ultras member inside a stadium during a football match.. may be it's very normal for them.. i respect the way they organize themselves and i like it, but when you invite many sectors of Egyptians to a march specially when it's a national issue you should respect the way other people want to organize themselves and if you cant live with that so you shouldn't invited them from the beginning to make your message more clearer at least.
Yesterday after the march i was speaking with some friends and they said that it's the Ultras mentality.. and they will keep doing that..
Anyways the most important thing is we had a great march against the Military rule asking for Justice for the Martyrs.

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