Monday, January 9, 2012

Good intentions that could kill the revolution.

There is a great difference between being a revolutionary and being a reformist, but it's not a sin to be a reformist because everyone work for a better world according to his visions and convictions, but this may work when there is lack of the revolutionary momentum in the streets asking for a radical and immediate change of certain situation, but if this radical momentum existed so the reformatory efforts at this particular time will be wrong and may be considered as a sort of treason to the masses in the streets.

What i am talking about here is the latest reformist initiatives by many activists supposed to lead the revolution to the next step of success or at least to show the people the way to their victory not to kill the radical change in them by these Reformatory actions which proved their failure even before they start! like Masrena and the campaign preceded it which was "Buy the Egyptian".

The second one was a pathetic attempt from a capital regime to raise the economy and save the corrupt state from breakdown.

The first one aims to build a bridge between the revolutionaries and the normal people in an attempt to gain them but in the fact the timing of it proved that they want to withdraw the legitimacy from the rebels in the streets like what happened during the November uprising and Mohamed Mahmoud st. clashes when Some reformists called for the parliamentary elections and told the people that it is the only solution is a SCAF made parliament, not that only but the ridiculous was that they raised slogans saying "we will vote and return to the square!".

Another comment on "Masrena" campaign is the end result of their actions which will result in creating a generation of good looking politicians to withdraw the legitimacy from the poor and hard working rebels demanding the radical immediate change.
Here's a question  i need an answer to it:

What will "Masrena" do and the difference between them and the brilliant Tweetshare3 campaign?
In my opinion the second one is enough and more effective as they achieved a lot and their goal is to bring the people down to the streets when the square needs them through building real bridges with the people based on their demands not the organizer's demand!
"Masrena doesn't offer anything new, and refused to cooperate with us" said Dr.Ahmed Gamaleldin, one of Tweetshare3 activists.

Finally what i want to say is that we didn't revolted to accept the half-solutions, but these actions is reducing the roof of the people's demands and dreams, so Stop Them to keep our revolution alive.

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