Thursday, January 19, 2012

El-Nas Tv. ?!

Channel's logo. Nas is the Arabic of People.

Egyptian Islamic Salafi Tv. channel entered the Egyptian Media-Sphere few years ago..

During it's beginning, it's activities didn't concern with anything except the religious stuff, and like many other religious figures they had the power to attract people like the Egyptians who are always looking for the good part of life from them to escape from the ugly truth of their current diseased world and system and rely on the patience or waiting for a miracle to turn over their lives.

It's wasn't a great shock when most of the religious figures in Egypt took that sinful situation from the 25Th of January revolution, except those who were the first in the streets shoulder in shoulder with the youth and the people during the very early demonstrations all the Islamic and even the christian figures were calling for calming down the demonstrations till Mubarak leave after 6 months as he said during his second speech. 

Not that Only the Salafi Nas channel shieks were anti-revolution from the beginning relying on the Old Islamic rule which forbids the disobedience of the ruler, due to they planted the trust in a wide sector of people during their years, some people complied to their point of view but because of the youth's resistance and patriotism  the revolution overthrew Mubarak.

It should be noted that the Groups of extremest Islamic movements are funded by the wahaby family in KSA.

But All of above is just the little history of this kind of Media.. Now after the Islamic movements like the Muslim brotherhood and the Salafies captured the majority in the parliament after Questionable elections of 2011, these Kinds of media started to represent the Political Islam views which is far away from the real Islam, starting from telling lies for the SCAF's sake depending on the hidden deal between them which is clear now to distort the image of the revolutionaries and the secular movements who have a great great history of struggle against the regime.. 

Islam is a religion of peace which was exposed to many misrepresentations through the last decade and now the radical malformed movements and parties like these in Egypt are an integral part of those campaigns.

Let's go deeper and see how the parliament changed their way.. Few days ago Dr.Bassem Yousef -the famous satirical tv show presenter- was invited by El-Nas channel for a talk show appearance and never showed.. because they canceled their invitation after the Rap song he presented in his weekly program criticizing the political performance of the MBs. 

What i can understand from a situation like that is the new media we are waiting for won't be different from Maspero when it comes to the freedom of speech and accepting the other!.

Welcome to the new world.. 

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