Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Regardless of the name, I believe that it's possible

Yes it's possible and that's why i believe in it regardless how many people say that it's extremely utopian which won't exist on earth, but why not?

Few days after today it will be the 1st anniversary of the first spark of the Egyptian great uprising of the 25th of January 2011, so the debates and expectations about how would that day be a turning point in our history just like the same one year ago are enormous.

Egyptian youth from different political ideologies couldn't agree on one expected scenario for the day, some said that it will be a normal celebration may turn into a million people protest in Tahrir square "the symbol of the Egyptian revolution" and they are the people who are afraid from building expectations may not meet the reality on the streets that day, The optimistic team didn't draw a scenario but they keep saying that we have to wait and see what the people really want from that day!

I have no definite scenario too, and sometimes i think that it will be a normal protest like what we used to see every Friday last year, but this doesn't mean a black look! and i hope to be wrong.

I believe in people's power and need to the radical change but how? and when? .. these are the questions!

Last year i was so proud every time i say "I have faith in this nation" and every time they proved how wrong were those who had a black looks about a revolution gone in vain.. "i think it was obvious during Mohamed Mahmoud uprising!, 

But this time will be a little bit different from the last times because every phase in this "on-going" revolution is special in nature and has it's own perspectives.

So this time i think we will see the real uprising when the poor and the hard-working people have a superior position in the scene after they feel that the system still the same specially when it comes to the interests!

It was clear how the youth of the poor areas started to take over the scene in the front lines of Mohamed Mahmoud street during the November uprising just because they felt that their security is threatened and security is one of many demands and needs that no man can live without specially when you are poor because you have nothing but it, and the by the same way they will be in the front lines of any upcoming battle when they feel that it will bring them a profit!

I will make it more clear, They will be there when they new parliament fails to meet the people's simple demands of minimum level of social security! the revolution demanded a year ago.. 

It will happen sooner or later, it's a matter of believe, specially during the the non-stop crises this capital regime facing which affect the minimum requirements of people's daily life demands! which will motivate people against the whole regime one time and forever and this why i will keep saying that the socialist revolution is gonna happen sooner or later but i know that some is a little bit allergic to the term "socialist revolution" despite the simple demands of the revolution since day one are the main pillars of a socialist state which were " Freedom, Bread, Social Justice" so it will.. 

Finally, Another 25Jan is possible! and A SOCIALIST REVOLUTION is possible too.

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