Friday, January 6, 2012

The Hero and the Rat!

Soliman Khater.
The hero: 
One of Egypt's unforgotten men over years whose name written by gold and graved in the memory of all Egyptians, He is the soldier Soliman Khater who was serving in the military and killed 7 Israelis on the borders in the 5th of October 1985 after he saw them crossing the border point during his shift, and for the record he did warned them them but they never obeyed the orders so he took them out because these are the orders when someone crosses the borders during your shift!.

Khater who defended his soil and did his job as expected was tried a military trial by the Army because what he had done wasn't right in the opinion of traitor regime which allied Israel even in the internal affairs! ,not that only! but in The 7th of January 1986 the state radio broadcasted the news of Soliman's suicide in the prison's hospital after he was sentenced to prison for life in mysterious circumstances.

Israel didn't shut up till it took from Egypt millions as compensation for the families with an execution to Khater ,here we don't ask for money , Egyptians don't ask for money as compensation for their martyrs no we don't , we just want those criminals who committed crimes against our men to stand in front of justice.

So today is the 26th anniversary of Soliman's MURDER! and till now none really knows what happened to him because someone with Khater's faith and patriotism wouldn't commit suicide.

Egyptian History is full of such shiny honorable people but Fuck the traitor Regimes!.

The Rat(s):
We have many of them actually, Mubarak, Tantawy, and a very long list of Army generals and Regime men who allied Israel for their own interests and never think about their people killed on the borders like what happened for the 6 Egyptian Soldiers Israel killed last year!
I don't want to talk about them and their crimes because their names are fairly enough!

Glory To the Martyrs.

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