Friday, January 27, 2012

It's happening.. Ikhwan?

For years The Muslim Brotherhood movement or group was fighting to take over the power in Egypt since they started they activity on the political scene 1928 when  in Egypt by the Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna, They depended on the political activism combined with the islamic charity work wich gave them a broad sector of supporters over years specially in a poor society like Egypt which force the people to hold on  any thing religious to overcome the brutality of daily life and suffer.

As we all know how the MB suffered from the authorities since their early beginning because their fight was against the suppression of the regime ruling Egypt years ago.. The funny thing is that MB members keep telling us -whether the leftists or any other movements- that they are the oldest struggler and they are more worthy than anyone to take over the power in Egypt, but they never chanted against Mubarak over the 30 years he killed and  imprisoned hundreds of them maybe thousandths.. 

Last year i talked about the secret agreement between the MB and SCAF but back then it was just a theory but now it's happening on the Ground.. check this post The secret Agreement 

And now during the 1st. anniversary of the 1st spark of the Egyptian revolution and after the MB took over about half of the parliament, they are trying to show the world and the media that the huge million people marches happening every day now is just a way of celebration not a protests demanding bringing the SCAF to trials, the most famous chants nowadays in tahrir Square are directed against the MB stage when they turn on songs! using their huge loud speakers, Chants like "this is not a concert.. this is a revolution" and "sell sell sell the revolution Mr.Badei'" 

Yesterday the 27th of January 2012, protesters in tahrir square got sick of the MBs activities and shameful actions which forced the people to chant against the parliament and the MB, even many people said that they were conned by the MB when they voted for them.

Here's the Video from Mosireen showing the reaction of the protesters against the MB stage performance yesterday.. check out the Video from here.. Tahrir's response to the Muslim Brotherhood 

Now after MB -Ikhwan- is in power.. should we expect anything from them? 
i think we shouldn't expect anything from them as they cheered for the SCAF in the 1st. session of the parliament, even they are asking for immunity to the SCAF generals in case they handle the power to civilians..
How hypocritical is that?! 
Down with opportunism..

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