Friday, January 6, 2012

Potential presidential candidate: Ahmed Shafiq - The stylish corrupt.

Ahmed Shafiq - Photo: internet
Jumped into the political scene at critical moments in the Egyptian history after Former president Mubarak appointed him as a Prime Minister after Nazef's lay off, he was an integral part of the negotiations between the political figures of Tahrir square youth and the government before Mubarak step down in 11th Feb. 2011.

State Media and Other system dogs played an important role in presenting Shafiq -also known as El-Blover- to the public as the Rescuer who will take Egypt to the next level of visionary democracy and as the only clear choice in front of them which really worked with some of Mubarak supporters, Also we shouldn't forget how Shafiq made fun of Tahrir square protesters when he mentioned that he might give them candy and flowers as an apology after the bloody Wednesday aka Camel battle which none have no doubt that Shafiq had an important role in it after he promised to protect the protesters.

They used the New Airport for Shafiq's propaganda without reference to the massive corrupt crimes he committed before starting the project of Renewal of the Airport -when he was on the head of Egypt-Air and the ministry of civil aviation- when he assigned the task to some of his business men friends secretly using the DIRECT ORDER! but for the public it was know that it was assigned to international companies, not that only! None mentioned the huge losses incurred by the state due to these suspicious deals.

One of his suspicious deals was the selling planes owned by Egypt-Air using "operational purchase" system which depends on Egypt-Air's assets, which is another crime to be added to his list.

Not only the fake successful career of Shafiq as a civilian which was exploited by the regime to convince the public with him, They used his military career as a former Army general who was on the head of the Air forces and took a part in The war of October against Israel, So at this particular time of the revolution none had doubts towards the Army and it's generals because of the lie powered by the media of "People and Army are one hand".

Shafiq was forced to step down by the revolution after Mubarak stepped down and remained silent till he appeared at Imbaba during an electoral conference where some of his supporters started a fight with some of revolutionaries and ended the conference.

I think it's obvious NOW that Shafiq is SCAF's Presidential candidate and they will support him whatever it takes to make him the president to complete their scheme of controlling Egypt!.

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