Sunday, January 15, 2012

To The Mistake

You remember what you asked for? I think you do.
We will never be the same again, Yes we won't, you are right with every single word you said, yes it's true that we envy those who died there.. May be we didn't spend much time together there.. but that single time we go in there was enough.. it showed me a lot.. Remember when those bastards attacked? Remember these sounds, these crowds, do you remember how the air smell like there? ..I will never forget how we.. me and you dealt with it.. remember how we reacted the same? with no previous promise? We just turned our backs to them looking towards that spot on this earth.. the first place we met.. talking about myself i just asked for that true moment when i leave this place on my back.. i didn't want to walk out of this place.. i think you did the same.. i saw it in your eyes.. and guess what? it did hurt me... Yes we have something in-common.. but it's difficult to them to understand.. they will never understand that we are trying to make their world better.. you know what? we just lost... Why we got here? .. you said.
I'll tell you why.. Because our world is black and white.. what they will never understand is that the revolution is black and white.. 
Why they keep talking about the Grey? it hurts.. i am telling them that but they never listen..
What happened to us is Magnification. may be it's Extra type..
We know how it will end.. we are giving ourselves a chance to prove that we are right.
shall we overcome? 
we will keep pretending.. 
I know it hurts.. but it's the truth.. and it's not a black look.. there is a difference between the black look and the truth.. just the same difference between when you know and when you don't.
Handful breathing bags full of scars.. whether it's from Mohamed Mahmoud, Maspero, Kasreleiny or Even the loved ones.. this is the way we are.. by the way we are amazing just the way we are.
Both of us know what is the right thing to do.. 

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