Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The secret agreement - a theory

May be what i want to say in the few coming lines will be considered as a conspiracy theory, just a stupid theory, may be it's the truth Or at least an important part of it.

May be the following questions will help.
Why Islamists ?
Why Now ?
Islamic movements before and after the revolution ?
What is the Counter-revolution ? Are they a part of it ?
Can they achieve the goals of the revolution ?
What was the secret agreement ? is it happening ?

At a defining moment of the Egyptian history General Omar Soliman the torture specialist, the former Director of Intelligence, the 1st and the last grantor of Israeli peace in the area and the Egyptian GAS seller appeared at the forefront of the political scene as the first vice president since 30 years and that was the last official and public appearance of Omar Soliman, between the many controversial statements he made during the short critical time as a vice president and against all the expectations he asked the Muslim Brotherhood to join the negotiations while till that date the M.B. was a banned group by law ! " It's better for them to join " said Soliman.

Soliman's history with the islamists specially the M.B. is full of torture, blood, killing and detentions so it was logical for the M.B. to refuse his offer back then at least in public despite that the M.B. didn't hit the streets from the beginning of the revolution but they supported it when they felt that the youth is going to make it.

Away from the battles in the streets and behind the closed doors of the political minds in Egypt something was being arranged and the whole regime was in a big deep trouble, A trouble forced the second row -the real rulers who have interests- of the regime to take the lead or to show up on the surface sacrificing the the head of the regime -Mubarak- after they felt that the whole regime will fall down and never be able to stand up again specially when their interests started to collapse due to the strikes invaded Egypt in a successful attempt to save what could be saved, but won't able to make it alone So they had to make a DEAL !

The SCAF as the Armed wing of the regime which is trying regain it's strength through offering deals with the Popular Opportunistic Bourgeoisie forces as the M.B. to save their interests and to guarantee imposition of control on the roaring crowds back then in the streets and have the same economical views based on the Free market .. Etc. , So here's the deal : M.B. will take over the positions they are good at like education, health and the most important job is to convince the people with how good the new regime is ! through the illusions of the production wheel and the biggest one of the which is that the regime is gone, but the fact is that they became a integral part of it.

Why they choose the M.B. from the beginning ?
First > Simply one of the most trusted opposition movements during the Mubarak era and even before him, but was never for the good of the people depending on them actually, it was for their own interest and the first loyalty was for the Guidance Office and the goals of the group, which from their point of view they see that it have the good for the people. But from mine they are not ! and that's because they are the same as the liberals, capitalists and dictators who still see that the poor people conditions can only be improved by charity ! which is obvious from their way in dealing with the poor people through years of underground social work.
Second > SCAF used the fact of M.B. were the most oppressed people during Mubarak's era despite the Leftist groups were oppressed too but they never have the chance neither to speak nor to work easily under any umbrella as M.B. did in the name of community service while the leftists were offering a revolution not a community service .

Every time i think about the dark side of the revolution many ideas and theories comes to my mind but the most important thought is the fact of that our revolution wasn't a laborers revolution but it was enhanced by them, and they didn't defend their revolution in the proper way, may be this is the problem but the are the only hope !

Labor movement in Egypt was oppressed for the last decades but the progress is massive in the last period despite the war by the SCAF and the allying bourgeoisie forces on them.

After the recent events i think we have to reproduce a new definition of the Counter revolution in Egypt or at least rearrange the elements which are :-
1.SCAF = the leading armed wing
2.M.B. = the Allying popular wing
3.Reformatory forces = many opportunistic parties

just saying.

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  1. Your analysis is spot-on. But this alliance, and its counter-revolutionary purpose, has been evident since at least last March. The real question is: what can save the revolution now, and who is ready, willing and able to come up with an effective plan and put it into motion?