Friday, December 2, 2011

Revolution is the only solution .. but when ?

After any revolution in the history every nation undergoes a series of changes or a trasitional phases leading to that radical change in the people's economical, political, cultural and social status after which they can say that the thing happened several years ago was a revolution, during these changing phases people go through very confusing times in the economical, political, cultural and social status but the severity and timing of the changes are dependent on the new ruling regime.

The disturbances people go through may work for the good of them in one case and it's the normal case i think, in which the people who revolted took over the power and started to run it in a revolutionary way.

Why ? .. Because the one who revolted is the only one who has the motives, passion to make his life better and the most important that he's the only one who know the reasons why he revolted which means that he is seeing the full image in addition that People are always expecting the change which will affect their life directly, positively and quickly, bread prices in Egypt for an example as it considered as the main component of the diet basket here.

How this will help ? -quick direct effect actions- ?
People will understand that the wind of revolution has just started and will make them believe more and more in their revolution, even for those who were sitting on their couches judging the people and were against it will have the opportunity to RE-think about the change and that will be for their own good too, and this is how the revolution will remain strong gaining more people every time it direct the people when change.

This will not happen if the new ruling regime wasn't a revolutionary or at least believe in the revolution, this will take us to the types of the new regimes in my opinion if we will describe them as people.

1st. The Revolutionary which come from between the people who did revolt or chosen by the revolutionaries, may be the leader of it or the revolutionary party leader, the only who will lead the radical change and the social revolution people looking forward to.

2nd. The Reformist which used to be a revolutionary but he lost his revolutionary sense and became an opportunist or he see that the minor primary change which already happened is enough and won't be able to face the counter-revolution from the old regime which will make a continuous attempts to rearrange it's cards to take over the power again and in many occasions the old one did it.

3rd. The alternative acceptable face of the old regime (New face-old body) which will deceive people with the pro revolution mask but in the fact it will keep the old regime tools at their places with a deceptive  face change with same bodies and will give the people the feeling of the change but won't be that radical change which will last, and furthermore they will try to hijack the revolution from it's rebels starting to distort them using the system dogs like the media and the repressive means like the unjust trials and leading the underground counter-revolution.

Through the history all rebels around the world should learn the most important lesson which will affect their revolution which is "never ever trust or ally the bourgeoisie".

For the worker's republic allying the bourgeoisie forces will harm more than it will help because in simple words the Bourgeoisie won't accept the conflict of interests and the end result will be the slaughtering of the proletariat just like what is happening now in Egypt, when SCAF jumped into the power in Egypt wearing that Alternative New face of the Old regime claiming that they are pro revolution with a creamy promises with peaceful changes and real social revolution, and that never happened.

Why SCAF remain in power till this moment ?
As i said before the 3rd type of the new ruling regime (New face-old body) will use all the system dogs to gain the people's trust and the moment they did that they started to reproduce the old regime which will protect their interests so they will never lead the social revolution with the arms in their hands furthermore they will slaughter anyone who will try to come close to them and the examples are numerous here .. Maspero, Abbasya, 8april.

SCAF ruling Egypt now comfortably .. why ?
The absence of the revolutionary party which is the only choice can lead the social change and continue the struggle with the proletariat, in Egypt there is no real opposing power to SCAF on the ground because most of the political forces were opportunists and allied SCAF which the thing was dropped their revolutionist struggle and left the people with no choices except accepting the solutions SCAF giving and playing the game according to the SCAF's rules like the elections for an example.

The only solution is revolution lead by the workers who without their struggle we would see Mubarak in the TV. till now, Mubarak forced to step down when he started to be a threat to the whole capitalist regime when the workers through Egypt went on strikes which really shaken the system during the last days before removing Mubarak.
I think we should learn from history.

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