Sunday, December 4, 2011

I won't offer you a community service, I am offering you a revolution

It's normal that none can face the whole world alone without support from the people he's fighting for their rights, but it's not necessarily when he lose support he will despair, every man with belief and dream of the world have to be a better place should not give up his dream in a world free of dreamers.
But how to get the support back when you lose it ?
In a country like Egypt under the current economic situation it's kind of exhausting to have the people around you to fight a corrupt system with a very powerful weapons and dominating everything except YOUR WILL.
Here's the difference between a revolutionary and an opportunist in such situation.
An opportunist will search for what people need and looking for and will deliver it to the people at home sometimes and this is great actually ,but then you the revolutionary spirit inside everyone of those who accepted the service will vanish, may be they will become slaves of the service, but the best part here is that they will leave you alone the minute when the service is over so at this time you will be alone and the outcome is losing money!
I don't think that anyone want to face something like that and if i want the people's support i have to go for it myself, talk to them, learn from them, convince them that my struggle is for their good and how we need to unite and the most important is to think as they think to understand where are they from my fight against the system.
Another reason why i won't offer any services is the idea of "body with many arms can be injured easily" and that will give a chance to the opponent to take me away from my original battle !
During a fight none will like having a fake support based on a interest.
If Egyptians believed just like they believed back in the 25th of January, they will do any thing.

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