Saturday, December 10, 2011

Planet of stupidity

How strange is that !
We should learn from history but not to reproduce it because if it was on the right way it would be our present !
How stupid is the Quote saying "history repeats itself" !
How stupid are the people saying and repeating these stupid useless sayings like the one above and not able to move even one step forward and just only .. wait for it, but it will be great it they understand that the signs of the repeated history are just an alarm from "time" declaring that it's now the time to move, but some people are banned by their stupidity, maybe due to their weakness !
Every time has it's own battles and it's tools,so it's impossible to reproduce history, because it's as simple as the simplicity of the word history is .. it's history for god sake !
Every time i hear this Quote i say to myself "should i wait ?" but thanks to something i don't know what is it i say "No i won't, i will skip that for Future"
I am sorry .. I'll quit waiting ..

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