Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Voted

My electoral card from inside the polling station - Down with the scaf, Down with tantawy, elections wont get the martyr's right back, down with the opportunists - ..

Yes, This is my ELECTORAL card for 2011 coming to us by SCAF.
I did invalidate my vote as you see in the photo above, because i am convinced that any elections or any parliaments won't make the social revolution i'm aiming for after our revolution.
It's surprising how many revolutionaries who proved to me that they are not !
Because the real revolutionary is not the one who can accept the half solutions ! and that what some political forces did when they claimed that they can take Tahrir to the parliament !
Can you tell me when and where any revolutionary demands achieved through a military parliament ?
Of course it never happened !
I won't blame the voters who for the first time in the Egyptian history felt that their electoral voices will count, hit the streets for the polling stations and voted ,No i will blame the politicians who played this dirty game according to the SCAF's rules and agreed to be a part of the Game.
The election is a crime.

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