Sunday, December 11, 2011

These little things

New design by me.
After a certain time on this planet every man will have his own "these little things"...
It doesn't matter when, where or how ?
What really matter is the "these little things" and what they mean for it's owner.
Through life every man collect a group of things which are very simple and fragile but it makes him the happiest man on earth in his mind, most of them have no explanation, none can really explain how these little things make any one happy even they call the man "crazy".
Somethings in our life will lose the meaning of it's existence if we explained it or even tried to .. because they have no explanation except that perfect explanation which only known by the man himself .. "It makes me happy"
Maybe they touch a childish desire inside a big man .. who knows ? 
Why we are trying to explain everything .. all the time ?
We are giving the explanations a time they don't deserve, we should make the most of the time just to be happy for any reason without thinking about the stupid hidden reason if they exist !
The worst part is when anyone try to mess with these things like making fun of it or by an other Not responsible action because the man can reach the point of fighting for it with all his power because he have nothing but these small tings .. so i 'll never recommend to fuck with anyone's "these little things"

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