Monday, December 5, 2011

Alaa's release need a political decision

It's obvious since a long time ago that the detention of Alaa Abdel Fatah the Egyptian blogger and activist wasn't for a real charges but Alaa's battle was totally different from that, Alaa defended his right and the right of the other 12,000 civilians to be tried in front of their normal judge and to end the legitimacy of the military trials of civilians.
Fake charges, Fake evidences, Fake Farcical trial and stinky situation this what Alaa is facing in the moment.
They know that he's innocent but the SCAF stupidity which is normal deluded to them that if they detained the most Egyptian blogger now this would scare the others and as usual they were wrong.
Mr.Ahmed Sief El-Islam Alaa's father and lawyer asked the stinky state security emergency court to take a look to Alaa's tweets, Facebook updates and tracing his mobile phone locations the day of Maspero massacre which contain the innocence evidences ! which they are aware of and already traced by them, according to His father Alaa will have his first baby "khaled" by the end of this week while he's behind the oppression bars.

After the ignorance of the evidences Mr.Ahmed Sief decided to publish the whole set of evidences on public and let the people decide in order to make pressure on the SCAF.

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