Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SCAF war crimes against Egyptian protesters

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Dr.Ahmed Mo'taz is talking about the results of the investigation done by him and other professors at El-Kasr El-Einy school of medicine - Cairo. About the dead bodies of the second Egyptian uprising 19th of November 2011.

After seeing the dead bodies of the Martyrs (Mahmoud Abdel Rahman 19 years - Ragaa Omar - Amal Hassan Abdel Aziz - Rania Mohamed + 45 others ) the investigations results proved the usage of Very dangerous chemical cocktail shells against peaceful unarmed protesters in a Residential area which is Mohamed Mahmoud st. and Tahrir square which considered A terrible violation of human rights and a war crime.

Analysis of samples from the dead bodies and from the canisters showed the usage of concentrated phosphorus 15% and condensed Chlorine 18% Only produced by two 
American companies one of them based in Nevada while the other one in Pennsylvania Specializes in development of American military industries, and was obvious from more than 180 canisters captured by the protesters then the professors.

Results also showed the solution of the skin of the dead bodies and the usage of nerve gases.

Till now no official investigations started because of the orders of the General prosecutor Abdel Megeud Mahmoud, Minister of health, Field marshal Tantawy.

According to the signed protocols between The American & Egyptian Government These shells not to be used against protesters or in residential areas, specially those containing Cr gas and CS shells.

Military forces added another crime to their crimes by fabrication of criminal history to the Martyrs.

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