Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Egypt is not Tunisia

We all remember this, we remember how many times we heard it while we were dreaming of the revolution, we remember how it was a great motive to prove to the whole world that we can!,11 months ago we showed the world how wrong is this when we revolted and forced Mubarak to step down.

Away from the revolutionary romantic feelings the revolution isn't over yet because it's a lifetime experience and process, so the revolution didn't stopped in Egypt or even in Tunisia in order to defeat the counter-revolution which till short time ago the of the same nature, but due to the cultural, economical and political differences between the two countries the scene now is totally different.

It wasn't a surprise for the two nations that the Islamic movements is that strong economically or regulatory.

But in Tunisia the governing controls were much obvious and supported by fairly strong secular groups whether they are liberals or leftists groups so the civil state wasn't negotiable like here in 

Egypt where the extremist Islamic movements "Salafists" are calling for an Islamic Theocratic state in order to influence the people or the great sector of them by the religious campaigns which will guarantee the security of the SCAF from being questioned and keeping all their dark secrets about the regime, so it was obvious that they used the liberal, Islamic, leftist-reformatory forces and the media system dogs to reach their goal.

At the same time Egypt is worried about the identity of the state Tunisia finished the transformation period safely and it's obvious if you noticed the amount of violence in both countries since Mubarak and BinAly stepped down, Tunisia reached to the presidential elections while Egyptians are waiting for the SCAF to decide when and how they will elect the president.

Another very important difference between them is the strength of the leftist groups or parties which in Tunisia forced the Islamic movements to put a line for their dreams!

But in Egypt it's a little different, as the Egyptian leftists are weak in number and support by the people due to the reduced awareness and suppression they were subjected to the years before the revolution, but the good thing is that the Egyptian leftism is gaining much power since the revolution of the 25th of January but still have time in front of them to lead the political scene in Egypt specially after some leftist groups allied the SCAF in their elections which did weakened the movement again but i think it's good to know who is with you and who is not earlier to build a strong movement.

So Egypt is not Tunisia.

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