Monday, October 24, 2011

MSA Univeristy and the POLICE | Video ... #MSAstrike

About the video :
while holding a hidden camera  the Lebanese Student \ Muhamed Emad Abdul-Ameer entered Dr.Khairy Abdel-Hamid's -MSA University president- office in order to ask him about the police report he received  earlier accusing the student himself and many of the other protesting students who started their strike and sit-in inside 6th of October Campus last Monday {17th October} with causing damage to the university latches !

* The police report was submitted by someone called Ashraf Abdel-.... (NOT sure) in the name of Dr.Khairy -the president-

* During the video you will notice that Dr.Khairy denies his responsibility about action like that at first but in the second time he claim that this action is a normal procedure in the university !!

* OK, it's too obvious that Dr.Khairy and the rest of the university administration took these dirty moves against the protesting students in order to force the protesting students back off their strike and demands '' but i think they won't ''

* The comic side about Dr.Khairy's words when he said " i didn't submit any police reports against you ! but we have to wait and see it's results "

                                 My own comment about these words : hey man ! are you high ?

* Muhamed -the student- Condemns the security intervention in the university several times and the controversial replies of the president continues ... 

* Watch the video and enjoy a new scandal in the Egyptian universities !

* Final Question :-
   How can a wide range of university students be hand tied up inside their own campuses by the security and the administration invention and cant even form a strong student unions like these which was in the early sixties a beacon and an inspiration for many of the student movement around the world ?

Links talking about #MSAstrike :-

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