Friday, October 28, 2011

And the TORTURE " till DEATH " continues

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Now it's 9 months after the start of the Egyptian revolution and our first protest in 25 Jan. 
Even after the revolution and Mubarak Step-down the torture inside the prisons, the police stations, and even in the streets !

The first victim after the revolution was Ahmed the micro-bus driver who was killed by the chef officer of EL-Azbakia police station and till now .. none know what will happen and how we will get our revenge from this PIG !

yesterday another victim fall ...

" Essam Atta " that was his name

Prisoner in Tora prison  that was his last job ! Was serving a sentence of two years due to a military rule .. so we can say that he is the martyr of the military trials too !

The man was tortured because he slipped a SIM card  and presumably a phone to check up on his family from time to time. He was caught and the officer who tortured him, brutally put a water hose in Essam’s mouth, and another one in his anus! - yes ! this is happening in Egypt AFTER a REVOLUTION against the MOI officer's and the way they used to deal with the people with !

The way he was tortured reminding me with the way of Emad El-Keber while he was tortured inside the walls of the state police forces years ago.

The Ironic here is what the Israeli spy who was delivered to Israel in the last days said that US "we" OUR officers treated him well while he was in prison ! - no comment -

For those who ask about the reasons which led him to be tortured before settling on the position of the specific cases of torture and torture in the absolute ; you are STOLID and not human.

Mubarak regime did that to us, the differences between classes and people show their results now in the human rights cases so simply when a rich man see a poor one getting beaten in the street , he may look at him and may not , but if he looked at him , he will say " definitely he's a THUG " - no comment -

The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.  Che Guevara

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