Sunday, October 30, 2011

The man who said NO

When you wake up in the morning and hear that someone decided to choose the option NO just to defend his principles, Automatically you will call him a nut ! yea in these days who defend his rights and the rights of his brothers and sisters they call him a nut even he may be called a stirrer or a Traitor.

No one can imagine that any person can do that to himself but there is a huge meaning beyond all that ! a meaning started to vanish from our dictionaries recently which is the Principle and for these reasons Egyptian blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fattah was summoned today to Cairo’s notorious C28 military prosecution headquarters to face charges of incitement to violence in the violent 9 October Maspero clashes between Coptic-Christian protesters and military police and as a result the military prosecution ordered his detention for 15 days pending investigation.

A picture was used by activists demanding his release 2006.
As a matter of Principle Alaa refused to be interrogated by military prosecution under the name of " No Military Trials For Civilians " the campaign he supported a lot because the military court doesn't show justice and equality in the right of defense, the other reason he refused to be interrogated was that the military police forces were involved in the clashes SO how could we trust a military court to be fair enough regarding his case ,that is something sure different from the fact of him being innocent.

With this heroic action Alaa is the first one to stand in the face of a military prosecution and say " NO,I'll remain silent " and he knew very well where would that do to him ! . he defended the principle and opened the door in front of more than 12,000 civilian - may be more - to face the military trials for them which have been Condemned by numerous human rights organizations lately, and it wasn't the first time to Alaa behind bars, He was detained before in 2006 during a campaign for Independence of the judiciary.

The symbolism which he told us about many times shined clearly when he did that, now Alaa is the symbol of this struggle against the corrupt, unjust, killing machine which called the Supreme Council of Armed Forces that claiming the protection of this revolution and it's youth but now it's obvious that they are filling their prisons with people like Alaa who's history talks about him and tells a lot.

As we know the TRUTH of what happened there in the bloody Sunday, As stated with friends who were there. !it was a military Massacre with all the meaning of the word ! ,Ironically Martyr Mina Daniel was the first name in the list which mentioned Alaa ! and as a funny comment someone stated that Mina Daniel -May his soul RIP- stole the Armoredand ran over himself ! so he has to be prosecuted. , Then the military spokesman denied that , so it was very obvious that the charges lists was made to stick the massacre to people who are Victims.

The funny thing is how the military prosecutor ignored all the evidences condemn the military police personnel and detaining Alaa for 15 days based on some weak and misinterpreted videos presented by Mr.Ahmed Spider ! who has a dream to put Alaa and all 6 April movement guys behind bars because he thought that they are traitors based on weak evidences and his own sick imagination which really affect very wide section of Egyptian people who take their acknowledgment from the national TV with it's endless lies ... 

For Alaa : First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win

Wake the FUCK up Egyptians, Mubarak's regime still there !

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